Monday, August 20, 2007

Makan Lagi !

Life is pretty boring last 2 weekends so I decided to feed my stomach,again with some new taste of tantalizing food.

This time is with my fellow coursemates for dinner.

Destination was Kepong Yong Tau Foo.

I wasn't so sure about Kepong Yong Tau Foo rather than the renowned Ampang ones.

We went to this restaurant named Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo.

As usual, they did all the orderings as I proclaimed pretty clear that I was gonna be a total omnivour beast that night.

Super hungry plus the traffic and the distance from UM, considerably understandable la rite? hehe

Here are some pictures. Of cos must show yopeople some pics so that next time yoll consider paying a visit there.
The food there is definitely above expectations. Everyone has the thinking that " Aiyah...Kepong not famous for this wan, surely not nice wan", but trust me, it tastes OK.
See for yourself, and feast to know the taste!

This is the so-called Paper Wrapped Chicken. Dari segi fizikal, they use this thin paper (duno wat paper exactly it is, certainly not newspaper la) to wrap it. Becareful that they use staples instead of sticks of toothpick.

But dari segi taste, I do not understand the logik of wrapping it with paper instead of anything else. Pandan leaf maybe?

Ini pula kronologi macam mana nak makan Ayam Balut Kertas.

But according to LTW and @nn, they said wrapping 'em preserve the taste of the chicken and the flavouring. I guess they are right! They are tastier than normal. Is there any "tastometer" to rate the taste?... Typical engineers' outing, filled with engineering stuff... HEHE
This is our sumptuous dinner. The Yong Tau Foo.

I forgot how many variety of vegetables and other stuff inside the gigantic bowls of soup. So full until they were unable to celup all inside the bowl that required extra plate. Certified hungry.
One more thing is that I do not understand the logik of Yong Tau Foo. They like to stuff everything in one another. They've got the lady's finger stuff with fishball? The brinjal stuffed with dunno wat meat...and also the red chilly stuffed with an unknown species of vegetable.

Aneh sekali.

Photos disumbangkan khas daripada LTW with her super HD Sony duno wat model camera.

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4 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

anN said...

I think paper wrapped chicken is nicer then yong tao fu.The shop should change name to chan chan papaer wrapped chicken lah...

aL said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! omg i see food. chi pau kai!!!

Eve said...

hungry ah..gila babi..choose wrong time to revisit ur 7pm..dinner time, no one cook for me!!

Tjinwern said...

Haha, Glad u all enjoy the dinner.
the model of the camera is DSC T-20. Don't forget