Saturday, August 11, 2007

Food Frenzy Part 1

So after Lunch at KL Tower, I proceeded to feast at several other places. Yeah you know me being a typical Penangite, I live to eat... not eat to live wan...
Furthermore, my dearest came to KL, apatah lagi? Tentu sekali pergi FEAST gila babi... It's been a long time since I can have a partner to eat my heart out.

This part, I'm gonna bring to you a new place that I've explored.

Naili's Place @ Sentul

This is a modern Malay Restaurant. Not the type of roadside stall that you might be expecting.

photo credit : agmnhob
At Naili's, it changes the surroundings to a tropical beach side ambience. Just nice.

This is a heavily decorated and refurbished site. With boat this time.

I would say, the ambience around the restaurant sets the right mood.

Di malam yang penuh gemerlapan, dengan hanya cahaya bulan menyelubungi anak mata anda. Ditambah lagi dengan aduan muzik ala barat yang berubah mengikut suasana dan masa.

photo credit : agmnhob
the bamboo hut is on of the coolest features at Naili's. An old skool style, hard to find nowadays!

Seriously, they've got their on DJ console. Isn't is just a restaurant? haha, you'd be surprise! They really change the music according to the time.

photo credit : agmnhob
7pm til 9pm - Oldies like The Beatles , Air Supply laa..macam macam lagi

9pm til 11pm - Pop genre with a lil Boy Band and Love Song

11pm till late - R&B, exactly like the ones we used to have in Glo or Slippery Senoritas...

just lagging big woofers and speakers, else they might just "transform" into a pub at nite, excluding alco.

They serve nice Malay food with some Western dishes.

Prices are pretty reasonable as they serve big servings.

Just nice for hungry maniac like me.

and also these hungry maniacs too! My fellow Penangites who live to eat!

Highlight of the day was with Teong's Ultimate Theory.

Here is how it went:

Teong : Wei, si pek eau liao ! (dying of hungriness adee)

Des : So, what do u plan to order? See the prices agak mahal tau...

Teong : Yea, dun care la, I wana order Chicken Chop adee... RM16.90, give him la, at least common food won't suck so much.

Des : Hmm, seeing u so hungry, I suggest you order like this. U might as well order one Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM4.90) with one more Burger Big Bitez (RM10.80). Double the choice and dishes and even CHEAPER!

* Teong's terus terperangkap!*

Teong : Betul jugak! Ok! Set! Can finish la no problem!

So he really went to order those two dishes. I was hungry too, almost followed him, but I opted to order one at a time.

It really turned up huge! Two jumbo's for Teong's that nite and he bloated right after that nite! HOHOHO...

Ice Kacang Naili's. With assorted fruits and ice cream. RM6.90 if I am not wrong.

My apologies I can't seem to find any pics of the food, u might imagine the servings are almost similar to those at Chili's or TGIF for the Burger Big Bitez, same size.

photo credit : agmnhob
Huge? Plus this view and surroundings...Definitely worth the money.

photo credit : agmnhob
I like this! The upper level of the hut. Totally secluded and gives the sense of privacy for my group of frens..cos we were too noisy! haha

One good thing abt this restaurant is that all their waiters are all super steady type. Memang humourous and they give us the warmness and we felt very welcomed! Kudos!

This is only one of the few branches of Naili's.


6.00 pm to 3.30 am

Naili's Place
116C, Kampung Cempedak,
Jalan Taman Dato’ Senu,
Off Jalan Sentul,
51000 Kuala Lumpur

(Ampang Branch)
39, Jalan Memanda 9,
Ampang Point,
68000 Ampang

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