Sunday, August 12, 2007

Food Frenzy 2.0

Dinner @ Nong & Jimmy

So, everybodi was uttering " Wei, long time never go eat Thai Food adee lah"...

Indeed, it's been sometime alreadi, we everyday day and night eat RM2.80 economic rice at SS17 until sien adee...

Tanpa berfikir lagi, I oni been to one Thai Restaurant in KL so far, and I decided to bring 'em there again!

Yes everybodi, this is Nong & Jimmy Thai Food, Ampang.

when you see this, u sampai adee lah, release more of your hungry enzymes! (photo credit : ddonkey)

This is 4th visit to this restaurant already, but this is the first time I went with this bunch of buddies. As you all know, they are my 'makan kaki's'! How could I forget about them?!

In my previous visits, I forgot to snap some pictures...maybe too tempted by the food till I drooled.

Many a times ppl scold me that I never take pictures to let them see how nice is the food there.

In fact, the journey to that place is god damn far that everyone has reached their fatigue fracture limit of their tummy adee by the time we arrived.

So, do you think you will still remember of snapping pictures when u're on the verge of becoming a famine victim?

I doubt so!

Nah, ini lah ketam! Ambik kat hang! (photo credit: masak-masak)

Moreover, when you see pictures like this... I bet your hungriness level will be upped by a few stages. Tahap kritikal adee!

Barbeque "panggang" fish and squid. Irresistable! (photo credit: masak-masak)

Masuk masuk ke restaurant saja nampak this huge barbeque pit. All my hungriness suddenly triggered to the max! WHoaaa FEAST FIRST!

OK, now no more photo credits.... The rest are photos taken by me during my previous visit recently.

At the entrance, there is one uncle and family who used his strategic planning skills to set up a Mini Yau Char Guai stall. Memang strategik sekali.

Due to the kelaparan, you surely ordered one plate, at least.

This is the Appetizer- Mini Yau Char Guai

...and due to the higher level of kelaparan, we ordered another plate short after we ate the first!

Memang obvious our intention to feast *muahahaha* Table manners all also pupus! Double dipping laa, then grab this and that laa..see... monstrous skill yang rakus dan lahap!

So, once u go eat Thai food, what must you order first?

Tom Yam Goong! Correcto! For me, this is alredi highlight of the day. The Tom Yam spiciness level memang optimum and the sourness level memang cukup rasa. Ultimatum!

...and u guess rite! We reordered another Tom Yam Goong due to the high tahap persaingan! The claypot dries up when all the hungry ghost swarmed at once. 10 mins sudah kering! Hahaha

My second recommendation would be this! I duno really know what is this called, shaped like nugget. Filled with shrimps wan... Crunchyness level - 8/10, taste - 8/10, sauce level - 8/10

Ho Jiak!

This is my 3rd recommendation! The secret recipe of Nong & Jimmy. Thai Fried Rice. With udang besar-besar and nasi yang penuh rasa, I got seduced with my first spoon of rice!
Rating - 9/10... A must to try at Nong & Jimmy's!

and guess wat! We ordered another plate after the first dish was "launched"! Why la we so hungry? I also duno..the food memang tantalizing kut...

OK, ok my recommendations are sacred. Kenot simple recommend liao. This is Ikan Pari Panggang and Sotong Panggang. Frankly speaking, the sting ray taste is so so oni, tak cukup pedas and the sotong panggang is too dry (panggang of cos dry la). If sotong masak pedas with sambal, surely better *cos I ate before d mah kekeke*

This is Fried Clamp with sweet and sour sauce. Not bad actually. 3/5 star rating. Edible!

Lastly, a group photo of the hungry maniacs. Behold the actual monster is the one holding the camera. He insisted not to be in the picture. *Buaya is always monstrous*

I save all the adjectives for him *gelojoh, rakus, lahap, lapar selalu, melulu, membuaya membabi buta*
haha that's all kidding oni la.. Buaya seorang yang mulia..hohohoho

Nong & Jimmy
Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya, Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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Eve said...

i think it's called fish cake ?

Des said...

not fish cake shrimps oni wan...

christal.loh said...


syok nya... i like what i see...

*copy down addres*

shall go try them out soon...

thx, post up more good food in KL la...

mana kamu cari tempat bagus begini ya??