Friday, August 24, 2007

A Week It Was

6 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

Alrite, no more food post... at least for now.
But then sure got sneak peek about something that I whacked into my tummy.
Cos I live to EAT.
So this time only a few pics, cos the pics quality from my cameraphone is kinda bad.
The past week has been a busy one for me.
I've been stuck in the lab for days, in front of microscope, in front of grinding machine...
polishing my sample like hell...
Even my nails got screwed up.
Who asks me to do engineering...
Nah this is product of UM engineering faculty. The solar car, half way completed i tink.
Ok, World Badminton Championships are over. Actually I went there to witness Malaysians in action. It was on Wednesday, the Second Rounds. That time, Malaysian shuttlers were still gallant. Nampak aje hebat, cos play with much weaker opponents.
I was too busy shouting, and I forgot to bring camera! so only this photo available from my V3xx.

It was Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong vs Roman Spitko-Michel Fuchs. Malaysian played well, thrashed the German pair in 20 minutes.

It was dramatic that day, where Taufik Hidayat lost to India's Anup Sridhar...the very first match I watched when I arrived. It ended with Taufik threwing away his expensive racket to the crowd. Wat a waste I din manage to grab it.

While on my way back, I saw this Kenari parked near my house. With a KFC ah pek face... Duno wat Kolonel ah pek adee..

Now I know why KFC so popular... bcos got one Bapak Ayam... This Kenari is purely PIMPed.

SO before I end this short post, I kasi sikit food pics that I took from La Cabana, Penang. I had set lunch with my parent and gf there last week. Cheap and nice!

Grilled Fish, RM15.90 i tink. very nice and fresh. Sedap.

There, my mum cannot wait to eat adee...Utensils also pegang ketat ketat adee.. HOHOHO

My Gf ordered this Monte Cristo Chicken. Paling sedap among the 3 dishes.

...and this is my Rib-Eyed Steak. Medium done is just perfect for beef lover like me.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Makan Lagi !

4 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

Life is pretty boring last 2 weekends so I decided to feed my stomach,again with some new taste of tantalizing food.

This time is with my fellow coursemates for dinner.

Destination was Kepong Yong Tau Foo.

I wasn't so sure about Kepong Yong Tau Foo rather than the renowned Ampang ones.

We went to this restaurant named Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo.

As usual, they did all the orderings as I proclaimed pretty clear that I was gonna be a total omnivour beast that night.

Super hungry plus the traffic and the distance from UM, considerably understandable la rite? hehe

Here are some pictures. Of cos must show yopeople some pics so that next time yoll consider paying a visit there.
The food there is definitely above expectations. Everyone has the thinking that " Aiyah...Kepong not famous for this wan, surely not nice wan", but trust me, it tastes OK.
See for yourself, and feast to know the taste!

This is the so-called Paper Wrapped Chicken. Dari segi fizikal, they use this thin paper (duno wat paper exactly it is, certainly not newspaper la) to wrap it. Becareful that they use staples instead of sticks of toothpick.

But dari segi taste, I do not understand the logik of wrapping it with paper instead of anything else. Pandan leaf maybe?

Ini pula kronologi macam mana nak makan Ayam Balut Kertas.

But according to LTW and @nn, they said wrapping 'em preserve the taste of the chicken and the flavouring. I guess they are right! They are tastier than normal. Is there any "tastometer" to rate the taste?... Typical engineers' outing, filled with engineering stuff... HEHE
This is our sumptuous dinner. The Yong Tau Foo.

I forgot how many variety of vegetables and other stuff inside the gigantic bowls of soup. So full until they were unable to celup all inside the bowl that required extra plate. Certified hungry.
One more thing is that I do not understand the logik of Yong Tau Foo. They like to stuff everything in one another. They've got the lady's finger stuff with fishball? The brinjal stuffed with dunno wat meat...and also the red chilly stuffed with an unknown species of vegetable.

Aneh sekali.

Photos disumbangkan khas daripada LTW with her super HD Sony duno wat model camera.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Food Frenzy 2.0

3 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

Dinner @ Nong & Jimmy

So, everybodi was uttering " Wei, long time never go eat Thai Food adee lah"...

Indeed, it's been sometime alreadi, we everyday day and night eat RM2.80 economic rice at SS17 until sien adee...

Tanpa berfikir lagi, I oni been to one Thai Restaurant in KL so far, and I decided to bring 'em there again!

Yes everybodi, this is Nong & Jimmy Thai Food, Ampang.

when you see this, u sampai adee lah, release more of your hungry enzymes! (photo credit : ddonkey)

This is 4th visit to this restaurant already, but this is the first time I went with this bunch of buddies. As you all know, they are my 'makan kaki's'! How could I forget about them?!

In my previous visits, I forgot to snap some pictures...maybe too tempted by the food till I drooled.

Many a times ppl scold me that I never take pictures to let them see how nice is the food there.

In fact, the journey to that place is god damn far that everyone has reached their fatigue fracture limit of their tummy adee by the time we arrived.

So, do you think you will still remember of snapping pictures when u're on the verge of becoming a famine victim?

I doubt so!

Nah, ini lah ketam! Ambik kat hang! (photo credit: masak-masak)

Moreover, when you see pictures like this... I bet your hungriness level will be upped by a few stages. Tahap kritikal adee!

Barbeque "panggang" fish and squid. Irresistable! (photo credit: masak-masak)

Masuk masuk ke restaurant saja nampak this huge barbeque pit. All my hungriness suddenly triggered to the max! WHoaaa FEAST FIRST!

OK, now no more photo credits.... The rest are photos taken by me during my previous visit recently.

At the entrance, there is one uncle and family who used his strategic planning skills to set up a Mini Yau Char Guai stall. Memang strategik sekali.

Due to the kelaparan, you surely ordered one plate, at least.

This is the Appetizer- Mini Yau Char Guai

...and due to the higher level of kelaparan, we ordered another plate short after we ate the first!

Memang obvious our intention to feast *muahahaha* Table manners all also pupus! Double dipping laa, then grab this and that laa..see... monstrous skill yang rakus dan lahap!

So, once u go eat Thai food, what must you order first?

Tom Yam Goong! Correcto! For me, this is alredi highlight of the day. The Tom Yam spiciness level memang optimum and the sourness level memang cukup rasa. Ultimatum!

...and u guess rite! We reordered another Tom Yam Goong due to the high tahap persaingan! The claypot dries up when all the hungry ghost swarmed at once. 10 mins sudah kering! Hahaha

My second recommendation would be this! I duno really know what is this called, shaped like nugget. Filled with shrimps wan... Crunchyness level - 8/10, taste - 8/10, sauce level - 8/10

Ho Jiak!

This is my 3rd recommendation! The secret recipe of Nong & Jimmy. Thai Fried Rice. With udang besar-besar and nasi yang penuh rasa, I got seduced with my first spoon of rice!
Rating - 9/10... A must to try at Nong & Jimmy's!

and guess wat! We ordered another plate after the first dish was "launched"! Why la we so hungry? I also duno..the food memang tantalizing kut...

OK, ok my recommendations are sacred. Kenot simple recommend liao. This is Ikan Pari Panggang and Sotong Panggang. Frankly speaking, the sting ray taste is so so oni, tak cukup pedas and the sotong panggang is too dry (panggang of cos dry la). If sotong masak pedas with sambal, surely better *cos I ate before d mah kekeke*

This is Fried Clamp with sweet and sour sauce. Not bad actually. 3/5 star rating. Edible!

Lastly, a group photo of the hungry maniacs. Behold the actual monster is the one holding the camera. He insisted not to be in the picture. *Buaya is always monstrous*

I save all the adjectives for him *gelojoh, rakus, lahap, lapar selalu, melulu, membuaya membabi buta*
haha that's all kidding oni la.. Buaya seorang yang mulia..hohohoho

Nong & Jimmy
Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya, Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Food Frenzy Part 1

6 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

So after Lunch at KL Tower, I proceeded to feast at several other places. Yeah you know me being a typical Penangite, I live to eat... not eat to live wan...
Furthermore, my dearest came to KL, apatah lagi? Tentu sekali pergi FEAST gila babi... It's been a long time since I can have a partner to eat my heart out.

This part, I'm gonna bring to you a new place that I've explored.

Naili's Place @ Sentul

This is a modern Malay Restaurant. Not the type of roadside stall that you might be expecting.

photo credit : agmnhob
At Naili's, it changes the surroundings to a tropical beach side ambience. Just nice.

This is a heavily decorated and refurbished site. With boat this time.

I would say, the ambience around the restaurant sets the right mood.

Di malam yang penuh gemerlapan, dengan hanya cahaya bulan menyelubungi anak mata anda. Ditambah lagi dengan aduan muzik ala barat yang berubah mengikut suasana dan masa.

photo credit : agmnhob
the bamboo hut is on of the coolest features at Naili's. An old skool style, hard to find nowadays!

Seriously, they've got their on DJ console. Isn't is just a restaurant? haha, you'd be surprise! They really change the music according to the time.

photo credit : agmnhob
7pm til 9pm - Oldies like The Beatles , Air Supply laa..macam macam lagi

9pm til 11pm - Pop genre with a lil Boy Band and Love Song

11pm till late - R&B, exactly like the ones we used to have in Glo or Slippery Senoritas...

just lagging big woofers and speakers, else they might just "transform" into a pub at nite, excluding alco.

They serve nice Malay food with some Western dishes.

Prices are pretty reasonable as they serve big servings.

Just nice for hungry maniac like me.

and also these hungry maniacs too! My fellow Penangites who live to eat!

Highlight of the day was with Teong's Ultimate Theory.

Here is how it went:

Teong : Wei, si pek eau liao ! (dying of hungriness adee)

Des : So, what do u plan to order? See the prices agak mahal tau...

Teong : Yea, dun care la, I wana order Chicken Chop adee... RM16.90, give him la, at least common food won't suck so much.

Des : Hmm, seeing u so hungry, I suggest you order like this. U might as well order one Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM4.90) with one more Burger Big Bitez (RM10.80). Double the choice and dishes and even CHEAPER!

* Teong's terus terperangkap!*

Teong : Betul jugak! Ok! Set! Can finish la no problem!

So he really went to order those two dishes. I was hungry too, almost followed him, but I opted to order one at a time.

It really turned up huge! Two jumbo's for Teong's that nite and he bloated right after that nite! HOHOHO...

Ice Kacang Naili's. With assorted fruits and ice cream. RM6.90 if I am not wrong.

My apologies I can't seem to find any pics of the food, u might imagine the servings are almost similar to those at Chili's or TGIF for the Burger Big Bitez, same size.

photo credit : agmnhob
Huge? Plus this view and surroundings...Definitely worth the money.

photo credit : agmnhob
I like this! The upper level of the hut. Totally secluded and gives the sense of privacy for my group of frens..cos we were too noisy! haha

One good thing abt this restaurant is that all their waiters are all super steady type. Memang humourous and they give us the warmness and we felt very welcomed! Kudos!

This is only one of the few branches of Naili's.


6.00 pm to 3.30 am

Naili's Place
116C, Kampung Cempedak,
Jalan Taman Dato’ Senu,
Off Jalan Sentul,
51000 Kuala Lumpur

(Ampang Branch)
39, Jalan Memanda 9,
Ampang Point,
68000 Ampang

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Tonnes of Over Dated Posts

0 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

First of all, too many things have taken place in my life lately.

Sad to say that I do not have any free time to blog.

Nevertheless I've many things to share throughtout the past 2 weeks of my life.

Bear with me and I assure I will update them by this weekend.

Posts to come:

1. Food Frenzy in Penang and KL.

2. Penang Updates.

3. An addition to my COLLECTION!

4. As promised, Gorgeous Sexy Guys coming up!


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Hotel Reservations, anyone?

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Hotel Reservations

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lunch @ KL Tower

14 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

So, last friday I went KL Tower for lunch with my dearest.

It was only my second time going there since like... ermm...6-7 years ago?

That time I was so amazed at the highest McDonalds in the world in the tower itself.

I was still young and childish last time, don't even know that there's no difference between a normal McD and the one at KL Tower.

Agak bodoh, in short.

This time, I did not go for the Observation Deck. We went to the Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant.

Revolving wan leh! Dun pray pray!!!

In the lift, we travelled dunno how fast. Some usual scene in the lift would lead some kids to simply grope with the lift panel. I bet this one is so scary that scares all the kids away. So many buttons! I wonder got button for the lift to change gear ar? Can pecut to top level faster?

The second restaurant I been to since the City Bayview Revolving Restaurant in Penang.

A sensual post before a transforming into an eating machine. Look! Tummy is still concave (cekung) or rather flat. HEHE

As usual, before feasting...kasi tangkap gambar sikit.

The birthday girl. The food all I pushed to her side, make her look monstrous sikit LOL, cos table empty is SO NOT look like buffet.

Aiyah typical Malaysian perception, buffet = eat till you EXPLODE!!!

Nothing's special in the restaurant. Buffet style lunch with a medium variety of food ranging from Western to Oriental Cuisine plus some local spices.

My first plate, some western food. Assorted with beef steak, grilled chicken and squid plus some stuffed chicken. Not forgetting the soup and spaghetti with light tomato and bolognaise style.

We've got MUSSELS too. How could we let the salmon swim away! Whacko!!! This plate memang berbaloi gila, dari segi ekonomi!

Needless to say, I hantam a wholesome of food. Sadly, still not reli satisfied, cos I can't eat till worth RM69 I forked out. Perhaps I arrived there kinda late due to the traffic. I only had one tiny hour to whacko! Simply not enough.

They claimed that they offer the best view in town, by which I personally agree. The revolving motion is just perfect., although some may claim that it is too slow. From an engineering undergraduate's point of view, it is just ngam ngam !

Bangunan Dayabumi, from a bird's eye view. Picture Perfect. Unless you are waiting in Puduraya for a bus home, you'll probably get a better picture, LOL.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the moment. It supposed to be part of my celebration with my dear. Although the interior deco of the restaurant kinda "kantoi", I must say that the KL view is awesome.
The decoration is just like we go to any local meeting with room for buffet, rite? Especially with the banners and long cloths with red-white-blue reminds me of those meeting of kerajaan. Pathetic!

After eating, evolved into Raksasa adee...afterall the KL tower is just a pole beside me, rite?

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