Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wild Sedim River 2.0

Loads of photos!

Snapped 'em while i'm too free...

As promised, pictures-pictures and pictures...

We began our journey about 10am and reached Kulim by 11am.

And after a few turns, out of a sudden we "transformed" our cars into bumblebee rally mode!

Memang best *not talking about Transformers for the moment* !

This is what I'm talking about! The Karamjit Singh rally ground!

From the outskirts to super miniskirts ulu kampung village. When you see this Petronas station, you can be pretty sure you're in no man's land.

One lane muddy terrain plus human traffic light, awesome! RM3.50 per hour, free and easy, flags RED for STOP, and flags GREEN for GO GO GO!, anyone wants this job?

Deep into the jungle, there is no turning back. If there is any vehicle coming in the opposite direction, I doubt there will be any alternative routes.

Else, your tyres would be stucked inside the thick mud. Just like the rally cars, except that ours ain't any Hummer H2 or other 4-Wheel-Drive.

Just a Chevrolet Camaro some normal Proton cars.

Pay some RM2 parking fees and you're free to wonder anywhere you like. I take it as fees to park our asses, must be adee lah...

We were greatly amused by the river. Practically the place offers the only thing to much of our anticipation. Wild river adventure!

Clear waters, extremely fast currents and rocky cliffs. Drooling already?

And not forgetting the canopy walk. My advice is... DON'T GO for it.

It does not worth a penny, guys!

Our conversation with the personnel at Sg. Sedim sounds like this:

Wanster from THE Blog sudah mau keriau sama depa! *from the Canopy Tree Top*

Des : Kak, berapa kami kena bayar untuk masuk "Canopy Walk" ni?

Kak XXX : Er, RM10 setiap orang, dik.

Des : Tarak discount kah, Kak? Student price ker?

Some idiots beside me : Wah lao eh, you think this is GSC ar? Kasi discount sama lu?

and there goes my discount bargain...

Being a typical Malaysian student, we often bargain for the best price, unlike the overseas where companies OFFER students with great rewards.

But my friends are getting richer, what to do...

We were all at high spirits much before this encounter, but now our spirits sudah kena discount 25% adee... Never mind, don't bother, we go on!

We kinda expected it though, so much for a Visit Malaysia Year 2007- yang tarak discount~!

In our minds, canopy walk is like the ones we have in Penang Hill or Taman Negara, where the walkway is situated high up the trees and only hung by ropes and planks that made our paths.

What makes a canopy walk a truly fun experience is when it swirls and twirls, shakes and trembling our feet as we walk through.

However, Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk is rather different.

They give us a fully cast-iron, steel bridge which does not hang by the trees!

It is just like a pedestrian bridge, but it's instead placed inside the jungle and crosses thru the river.

So stable and rock-steady that even a Rikishi jump won't shake a feather off its tail.

Well done architects, but too bad, no fun! A sense of security instead.

Up there along the pathway, you might encounter this. Dream on guys, the cempedak fruit all sudah BOTAK for sure...Habis dipetik.

Another CRAP by Malaysian... At first, you might be fooled by the height...
Whoaaa, so high wan r? Cheh, milimeter pulak!

It is educative for tourists and visitors to see and learn for themselves about the neccesary info around the walk with this board.

And this is what happen when they overcharged the visitors! How pathetic!
Vandalism, the Malaysian way.
Btw, it's written there wildlife, but I never seen any. Sigh.

Back to the fun part.

The "Let's Get Wet" part.

We had hell of a good time in the water.

Many of us chicken'ed out when we first saw the stream current, thus no white water rafting this time.

Furthermore, it was so-called fully booked.

They in turn offered us the Sedim River Adventure.

It costs around RM35 for a 4 hour return hike up to the highest waterfall or "lubuk".

It was kinda time-consuming activity, it would simply deprive us off our time to soak in the water!

It is rather more suitable for those staying over for the night.

Self exploring the river, no trails at the sides, searching for the perfect spot for a swim.

Pics for the leader groups.

and the Chasers were caged behind. I wonder they were stalking girls or monkeys...

As usual, some Tarzan tricks and jumps and letting ourselves washed by the strong stream current.

The feeling is awesome! Whoaa... the water is so refreshing.

Unlike the hot weather at the park, it freezes our balls up!

Abseilling and Firefox Flying Fox nonetheless are stated clearly in the brochure, but to no avail, none of the workers are at the site.

Nobody cares if you're about the throw yourself down the trails on the Flying Fox. This must be the site where Tobey Maguire practices his spidey skills.

Well, actually our plan didn't really work out on that day.

We presume that on weekdays we do not need to make any reservations to enjoy all the facilities over there at Sungai Sedim.
Manatau, when we reached and enquired the people over there, they seem like... PEMALAS!
Gosh, as we could hardly spot any other tourist (we thought we are the only group there!), the management told us that they were fully booked and tonnes of people are coming.
Until we left the scene late in the evening, still no one there also!
We left pissed in peace.

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Eve said...

so end up, u guys went so far just to hike in the jungle? no white water rafting? 0_o

the canopy walk ngamm me..heheh

kshern said...

you've to pay for so many things AND still not have fun?!?

i'm so NOT going there...

Des said...

the journey there is nice la frens..

despite have to pay, the scenery is worth every moment of it!

if oni u're a nature lover.

besides i like jungle trekking and adventurous stuff

Rodrigo said...

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bc said...

testing 1 2 3, jgn delete comment.

des said...

I am the most entau guy from Penang. Haha, jk man.

Des said...

woi boon chye,that's so funny of u imitating to be me...that doesn't show it's me without my pic!


thanks for the comment anyway whahaha

anN said...

Ish...never propose such places at class=/

blueapple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blueapple said...

come to sarawak if u want see the best of ulu-ness...
nature's offering katakan..
here the tree-top bridges are real tree top bridges..
but i doubt they are mostly user-friendly..hehe
wanna exchange link?
shoutout down again.. reply me at my site k..

sweeheng said...

Looks fun. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

I don't quite the vandalism photo.
What did they do with the Oreo wrappers ? It's just there on the board, right ?

One more thing, are "some idiots beside me" part of your group or someone you don't know ? =D

Des said...

LOL swee heng...

when u're back from down under, u can always organize trips like this, but must count me in la k!!!

the oreo wrappers are...hehe they are inside the glass!

some idiots are part of my group lo, that's why i said my friends are getting richer! LMAO


Zer0 said...

wow, who's that idiot? i din heard anyone said dat also >.<

i just knoe i say "Kak! muka saya macam kanak-kanak, boleh bagi price kanak-kanak?"


adam said...

i'm glad you guys dah sampai sungai sedim.. and i believed ada banyak lagi yang you all belum discovered di situ.. ada banyak lagi xtvt selain dari tree top walk tu.. as a local boy, i dah besar di sedim tu dan kalau u nak rasa cam ne nak having fun, new xtvties selamat kembali ke sedim... jgn lupa lawat blog saya pasal sedim yg dlm peringkat awal tu

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