Saturday, July 21, 2007

When It's A Dull Weekend...

Another weekend is here and this weekend, I went to another Corporate Seminar organized by the UM authority as pre-requisite for me prior to my internship. It was kinda dull and I seriously do not wish to highlight.

When you're bored...

and have got absolutely nothing to do...

There's only one place to be.

This site!
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I bet still fresh in every Malaysian football supporters, how it feels to be in this state of disarray. Of course you wouldn't see anymore foreign teams dismantling each and every part of our national football team, rite?

So being a Malaysian kaki bola, I resorted to this. In a way to direct my attention away from those saddening situation, I found something funny to uplive my football spirits.

Nowadays, football isn't not just about football. OMG what the heck am I talking about?

Actually I was talking about how football changes the mind of people around the globe. Let's see their reactions.

Supporters nowadays are getting more and more hardcore. They not only intrude the pitch, but also come in all sorts of attire. Here's one HEN got caught by it's breeder. Oops, the security guard! hehe

How about being a HORSE? In Hokkien, we acknowledge this as 'Beh Bin', also known to be the guard to the gate of Hell. Japanese fans nowadays welcomes their opponents to hell, I presume?

Back on the pitch, when the tempo is too high and too hot to handle... They go handling people's balls pula! LMAO! They are hot, aren't they?

I know, I know. The Simpson's fans please be patient. This is not a spoiler or what so ever. Just a picture of an erected Homer Simpson. Woi I mean a standing Homer Simpson!

Lastly, two Jack and Rose Dawson wannabe's... Here it goes:
Jack : Close your eyes and set yourself free!
Rose : *Tries so peep with eyes closing semi-tightly*
Jack : Can you feel it?
*bird struck!*
Rose : Jack, I'm FLYING! struck by a bloody bird!!!
and another weekend is gone... with my lips smiling at those idiots!
Lesson of the day: Forget the sad ones, bring in the hilarious ones!

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Eve said...

i dont understand ur post. Anyway, i was at old trafford today. tralalal

pp said...

wakaka..funny 1..the beh bin 1 especially..kenot take it...

malaysia football..5-0 5-1..

Daphne L said...

swt -.- UPDATE!

SeeWhyAsAN said...

farnee pics.. hahaha.. i like the titanic 1!!!

SeeWhyAsAN said...

beh bin.. sounds so familiar.. hmm. heard it somewhere b4.. oh oh.. tats wat they call tat history teacher. cant rememba his name.. damn

ItchyHandseng said...

haha interesting pictures.Homer simpsons look weird.
By the way chris,beh bin is not Noel meh? hahahahaha

Des said...

chris & itchy: bin is chong shou woo?