Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Seductive World 2007

Viewer discretion is advised.

Parental advisory must be extremely ketat maximum level 99.

Budak under age, please don't ever dream to peep ya!

Behold! Beauties ahead. A strong magnetic field, for men.

Annually, For Him Magazine FHM would be unveiling the earth sacred beauty of its own. Guys die anticipating it, and the ladies would do anything to just get into the list. It is simply the most sought of magazine in the modern era.

Introducing to you the FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2007.

Of cos it woud be too long for me to elaborate all hundred of them. I'll keep them short and highlight the TOP TEN and some hotshots only. Fair enough? So did Scarlett Johansson able to defend her title she won last year? Stay tuned!

Now, don't over-drool yourself and doing "other" things that you're not suppose to do. Control ya my friends...Tissues please! and wankerchief hankerchief too!

I shall start off with some celebrities that made the cut for the Top 100. Unfortunately, it is not that they don't have what it takes to be in Top Ten. Perhaps its just luck and timing... and also plus your support. You'd be more interested to vote next year as they usually receive millions of votes from all around the globe.


#67 Paris Hilton

Everi bodi surely know her wan, not because of her singing and acting. You know la. Her "promotion" was the globe's TOP downloaded item for god's sake. Honestly, besides knowin' her as the heir of the great hotel chain, the 26 yrs old socialite has successfully transformed from porn star to actress, model, singer and author. Of cos the most recent would be an ex-prisoner. What a life!

p/s she looks so old in this pic, rite? but i guess the "half cut" dress attracted ur attention, for sure!

If I say Mikaela Banes, you know who's that? Definitely! Transformer mia Autobot Bumblebee also seduced by her groovy body, apatah lagi lelaki seluruh dunia! The hot bombshell is just 21 this year- young and wild. She's tops in Chicks of 2007, certainly. You might find it interesting to read this : proof of her wildness.
and she ain't pulling her undies any further down, peeps. Dream on!

#26 Eva Mendes

Wei, ask yourself- What drives you to watch the Ghostrider? The flaming skull or the news-caster? The top fashion industries icons rate her as pure beauty as she just look awesome with or without make up. She doesn't really need Revlon, didn't she? Will Smith sudah banyak fall for her, till tempang adee I guess... Have to beg here and there and do this and that, I'd bet many guys would do the same.




Cukup preview adee.. Drum rolls...

Counting down for the TOP TEN.

Here it goes.

#10 Marisa Miller

Siapa tu? One of the supermodels for Victoria's Secret and Vogue Magazine, not the tops though but trust me, she's still as hot as ever. Not bad for a new entrant. Very reveilling huh? Number Ten already turn you ON? C'mon guys, there's more to come. Hold your breaths.

#9 Keira Knightley

Yes, pirate's mia hotchick- not recommendable. If wana find a wife, better find someone with a better personality or else u get whacked from Legolas Will Turner- u know lah, he kenot die adee wan now since Davy Jones is dead. Er, she's hot since pirates 1 and still as charming as ever! Miss Swann has got the fighting skills, you guys might find it useful huh?

Sexy lips, that is her prized asset of course. Anyone wana call her mama? She might consider to adopt u, but the bad side is that u're gona have a too-handsome-papa... U don't mind that don't cha? She's a former number one in FHM and Hollywood's sex symbol. Mr Smith is rich, and so is Mrs Smith. But they like to play shooting in their house, best rite?

Whoaaa!!! That's the way she laugh and smile. I bet her smile can kill any guys, that's 100% confirmasi wan... Trust me, go watch Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 and you'll nose bleed! However, the South American bombshell recently claimed that she’s still a virgin. Fast fast go grab her from Lenny Kravitz.
p/s This pic is se seductive rite? Don't keep on zooming and enlarging ya, it's BIG and clear enuff adee! Perverts!

Body ada shape wan..action movie star from the movie Next, another fella seduced by Nicolas "Mat Romeo" Cage. Ang moh looks old on screen but in reality, they still rock big time, just like this Jessica.
p/s Wei, people, look at her facial beauty enuff k, not other parts k! Although the dress looks interesting! Front view anyone?

This is MY PICK man! God must have a lil too much time to create this angel. Fuh! Head to toe perfect one. Her classy look with lovely personality has made her way to be Victoria's Secret Top Supermodel and boomed Brazil's tourism industry together with Adriana and Gisele. This 26 yr old and 5'9" babe has been considered world's beautiful women for numerous years. CERTIFIED CHICK!
p/s The picture speaks a thousand words. *admires and idolizes*

Another Brazillian. Super rich, the first supermodel to be ranked by the famous Forbes Magazine. Guinness World Book of Records certifies her as the world richest supermodel with an astounding US$150 million personal fortune. Too bad she dumped Leonardo DiCaprio, but so what? She owns her own brand of perfume and shoes design as well.
Wishin' that she wears a lil lesser rite? I don't think she minds either. Hehe

Hmm... From my view, she is not 'chun' enough to be crown the winner again. Practically she didn't do anyhting to impress the media or to stret her stuff. So a number 3 is kinda achievement for her adee for her effort to get along with Justin Timberlake. I wonder she has got a sexy back? I still doubt so.
This pic makes many local ladies feel rendah diri wan... Take easy k. They're caucasians, understand that as a fact, hehe!

The American Idol runner-up last year has returned with a bang! New look with new inspired album, her debut album has sold over 100, 000 copies in just the first week. That's the reason for guys to tune to her music and her beauty. You know la, last time not fehmes (famous) tak gitu banyak promo, now ppl so so great adee..of cos beauty automatic terserlah wan...

Guys, her dress is slowly dropping! But sorry this ain't a video! So Stop clicking cos it won't play!
and the SEXY BACK this year is........

non other than...

In 2006, her sultry smash hit Into The Blue with macho undercover road racer Paul Walker is clearly still fresh in our thought. The great news is this year, we're able to see more of this babe from movies like Fantastic 4 and The Eye. Her tanned coke-bottle shape body still distract u from ur work? Undeniable, she's one of a kind.

and now get back to your work!

Don't go to toilet or dirty ur screen straightaway man!

Be civilized people!
This post is a mean to cherish the beauty and the art of seduction.
Learn more of this thru this blog, LOL!


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Eve said...

euw.. i dont understand wats so hot about scarlett johansen. Anyway, i think Victoria Secrets models bag most of the top 10 spots eh.. hehe..sepatutlah... All so chun.. i like Alessandra Ambrosio too!! Too perfect ady.

Megan fox is one problematic kid. "Fuck me pumps" =.=

Sharon said...

interesting post!

gisele and jessica biel's face look like a horse ler :S

sweeheng said...

I've got to admit that I'm surprised to see Katherine McPhee there. Not that I'm complaining though, she looks so lovely in that photo. It's just that I never thought she can actually make it to number 2 on FHM Top 100 list. But heck...!

Just to clarify, there isn't just one list compiled by FHM. They have a different list according to the votes counted from different countries. For instance, if you look at Australia's list, we wouldn't know half of the people in it, cause the nominations and voting are done by Australians.

If I'm not mistaken, the list that Des posted is the world list - compiled from all votes received throughout the world.

That is why I'd be surprised, cause not many people (in the world) who know Katherine McPhee.

Maybe this is the US list...
Alright, I'll hop on to FHMOnline to check it out =D

Des said...

eve: scarlett, HECK ; but Alessandra = Awesome ; and Megan = Sex addict...

sharon: did u just said Gisele looks like a horse? Ouch, that must me Paris instead!

Swee Heng: Yeah it is stated the world list, else there would'nt be 3 Brazillians in the list, and some Aussies too la... *give u face la OZ*
p/s and its KathArine McPhee, as Rick Dees emphasized her name to be spelt correctly.

sweeheng said...

Wow, I didn't realize that it's spelt with an "A" instead of an "E", until you told me ! =D

Don't know who's Rick Dees though =p

satkuru said...

for me, alba is definitely out of my top 5. my number one pick is either Katharine McPhee or Alessandra Ambrosio. They are sooo hawttt.

Scarlett is yesterday's story. She's only there because of her tops. She doesn't have the killer looks like the rest :P

p/s: megan is definitely mouth watering :D

pp said...

alexandra..feuh..kenot take it.i oso drooling oredi...Paris can gulung tikar..

i kinda like jessica alba oso..chun chun

Des said...

swee heng: Rick Dees and the weekly top 40 remember? Hitz.FM weekend music countdown from the states lah

satkuru: great minds think alike! only that i tink alba is still there! drools...

pp: wah u kenot take it ah? wat to do? considering being a lesbian? woohoo! that's saddening! jkjk

~charng said...

Alexandra!! My alltime obsession:P

jlshyang said...

hmm...scarlett has got the classic look and she's just stunning in her own way. I like scarlett jo! :p

kshern said...

oh man....i'm wet all over!

oh wait....i forgot to turn on the fan...patut lah! :P

jessica alba - HOT HOT HOT!

but where's my beyonce?!? :(

SeeWhyAsAN said...

that FHM is deffinitely not a malaysian FHM.. i have d malaysian 1.. all tutup 1.. potong steam man.. so i asked deline to buy me UK wan. haha.. hahaha.. muahahahahaha
thank god.. to jess alba.. she's my goddess.....
hei.. u like eva mendez too.. high 5!!!!
all this lovely angels.. how can anyone not like them!!!