Sunday, July 01, 2007

Seductive Misery

Recently, i've returned to blogging, kinda actively.

So much for me to update myself to the new blogsphere.

So many links nowadays, even Moolah opportunity.

Moreover, so many opportunities to earn some Moolah.

Even greater chances for me to meet new people all around the globe.

Amazing so see how rapid the growth of this seductive community.

I draws me to get addicted.

Blogs do smells like caffein, trying to doze me with severe amount of time spend on blog sites.

Sadly, I've been bothered but many many problems... Seductive ones.

So seductive until it starts to kinda piss me off.

My seductive isn't seductive enough to seduce you guys.

In short, they mean this blog isn't functioning well enough from the way is should be.

First predicament was my page is not ranked by Google.

I simply can't understand this.

Even under the new ruling, the lowest ranked page would be at least 1, but mine is either 0 (zero) or just simply n/a (not available).

Blogspot has been owned by Google, rite? I presumed.

But I really don't know why my page is not even found on Google directory, but it is simply found under Yahoo! directory.

After I've read the requirements from the Google webmaster about site accreditation, ranking and submission, I understood that there are a few reasons for a site not to be ranked by Google:

1. My site has been banned by Google for improper content or violating the webmasters' ruling.

2. I didn't submit my site to Google.

3. This site has no links or very few hits.

4. This is a brand new site, submission under progress.

As far as I am well aware of, I did not breach any of these rules.

I didn't post anything improper or unsuitable for general viewing.

I tried to submit my site to Google directory. (normally, blogspot users don't have to submit, it's understood u're in Google!)

I've technorati'ed myself and recently I reckon I should have at least 30 links (not really famous laa, but I think this should be enough to be ranked, fairly).

At least a handful of visits daily from various community.


And certainly this site is already more than one year old!

I might not have updated my blog so often previously, but i'm sure i didn't totally abandon it for months!

I was left idled and numb for weeks since I realized this.

Second predicament that made me horrificly seduced was this blog was unable to be open or viewed by others.

1. Some referrer or Moolah makers mentioned that my site was unable to load properly.

People said my sidebar would drop down to the bottom page everytime they load.

But after some troubleshooting and discussing through some web experts, I've found out that some users are still using some other older browsers e.g IE6.

Does this make me another problem when others is not using the up-to-date tools? Sigh.

There are so many browsers available FREE now like Mozilla Firefox and IE7, rite?

Now, the good news is this problem has been remedied. Thanks to blog forums.

2. Certain links can't be opened/ loaded properly (quoted from a Moolah site).

Why is this happening? Whenever I've subscribed to some sites or Moolah donors, I was required to include some backlinks and certainly I won't miss them out.

After some editing, everytime I counter checked myself and with others friends, it loads perfectly, but only some referrers faild to load.

Got faulty links by moolah donors? Is this possible? I'll have to risk by erasing all my links? Impossible.

Next problem was a joke. Previously, I registered to 'Blogger' by using my Yahoo! mail as primary account and it wasn't a big deal at all.

But eversince Blogger has switched to a Google-friendly site, I was forced to register under Gmail.

But I did not really switched and continued like I did previous until recently I was halted when I tried to sign in.

Although I do have a Gmail account (for other personal use, prevent mix-up), I'll have to go thru several problematic procedure in order to change my site under Gmail and not Yahoo! mail as my primary email and username.

WHoaaaaa, complicated !!!

If I can't solve these issues, I bet I can't move on further in my blogging hobby.

I've queried and asked so many people about these predicament.

I seriously need some expert guidance.

Please lend a helping hand.


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CY said...

Sorry I'm not really clear on why they're giving you problems with yahoo, but I understand you want to keep gmail private. Hope an expert here can help you.

As for search results and ratings, those will come naturally. Don't worry about them too much. Just keep on writing :)

Anonymous said...

hey, I can search your blog in Google. Look like no problems, may be you try it up again....cheerio...

Des said...

yea, my problem with Google directory has been fixed after one week submitting my site url.

reli hope my site will be ranked hehe