Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seduced to Pantai Kerachut, again!

I've lost count how many times I've been to Pantai Kerachut.

Since the first time stepping foot there in 1999, I guess it was love at first sight.

Yes, it is. I fell in love for all the seducive bikini babes by the beach.

But then, it was the gloomy nite with twinkling stars and shooting stars that caught my attention.

Still fresh in my memory, back then, I reached Kerachut around 3am.

YEAH!! Midnite hike, with only 2 others accompanying me.

Worse still, all three of us were first-timers. Adventurous, as promised.

Back then, the beach was untouched.
It was history already, yet again.

Ever since being proclaimed as Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, Pantai Kerachut has evolved into a better tourist spot with classy facilities for campers!

One word to describe.


Here's my journey, which began with breakfast at Argyll Road for the famous Koay Teow Th'ng.

7 of us met up for breakfast before gearing up all the way to The End of The World.

Not forgetting to stop by the Teluk Bahang market to stock up some lunch packs.

We proceeded with our registration at the Guard Booth and without hesitation, we rushed into the woods to escape the glaring sunlight.
It was already 11am.
The journey there was smooth, as usual.

Fallen tree trunks that makes the hike slightly challenging. Slightly only lah!

More fallen trees, but it has been partly cleared for better path and trail for hikers.

I was starting to wonder was it because of the storm recently hit Penang? Or it was caused by Optimus Prime's arrival to Penang? LOL
* I was too amused by Transformers lately *
* hails the Autobots! *
Jokes being thrown as usual, while this time I was too busy chatting till Jianz warned me of snake passing by, I didn't even realise!

Haha.. Thank God, I'm fine.

Trails were slightly damp due to rainy weather the night before.

That didn't dampen our spirits as we continued to brave over the jungle and of cos taking some breath taking views.
A hut by the lake. Tasik Meromitik it is. Don't ask, I dunno what the heck Meromitik means.
I don't even know how to pronounce it. Tasik Me-ro-man-tik? It was swampy.
Take a break and have a seat. Natural chairs made from tree trunks.

Our journey was approximately 1 hour, far slower than my previous trip where I ran there almost all the way, taking me barely 35 minutes.

This time around, there are more upgrades at Pantai Kerachut.

1. The End of The World Seafood Restaurant is no longer there anymore. I'm not sure where it moved. * attacked by Jack Sparrow adee? kena pirated i tink *

2. A huge Taman Negara Pulau Pinang HQ has erected, replacing the restaurant site.

3. Toilet facilities were upgraded and more units are available. * you don't have to sh*t in the jungle anymore! *

4. There's even power supply for two new Kitchen Huts. This adds another camping facilities. * too bad, u can't bring woofers to club in Kerachut, LOL *

I must put my two thumbs up for the local authorities.

What a wonderful job they have done.
Pantai Kerachut Guard Post. The place you've gotta get yourself registered upon arrival.
Friendly lifeguards await your arrival, they too sell drinks and help you about camping needs.
Charcoal stoves are available too.
Perfectly free!
The campsite. Perfectly safe. Unfortunately, it is very vulnerable to monkey attacks, and mosquitoes! Suitable for campfire, but the authorities do not allow campfires as it scares away the turtles.
Yes, Pantai Kerachut is now a turtle sanctuary.

The two kitchen huts. Equipped with electricity and water resources. The place where Pak Lay Sin is established, where chefs like Chef Wan is nurtured! *kekeke*
Toilets. Just like the ones u encountered in normal parks, rite? Cool! And it's clean, makes you feel just like home!

Later, we rested and chatted sensibly til we don't even realise time has gone so damn fast.
Just a few card games and lazying around the beach, the sun almost sets.
We hiked return to the base and returned home for the day.

A simple yet enjoyable trip it was.

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Anonymous said...

Cool-ness. You mentioned "Jianz". I assume you were there with Venturez & Co. ?

Glad that you guys had fun. I really hope the toilets are much better now. That is the one crucial neccesity, and the ones they used to have weren't exactly "comfortable".

You forgot one thing though. To those who are planning to stay over for the night there, bring a thick jacket ! It's going to be cold.

Thanks for the photos (though I can't recognize the people in the photo with the fallen tree =D Or are they not part of your group ?)

Eve said...

i want nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!!

bc said...

yo des. kerachut = second home.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I went there in 1999. The place was really wonderful and amazingly natural. No facilities and was completely natural, except for the long 'jetty' (dunno what ppl call it). Spent the day fishing and night camping. I still remember that we can see fish that looks like todak. The night was really beautiful. Oh yes, no turtles around then.