Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seduced By A Seminar

not the ones you used to think of...

Yesterday, I was forced to attend attended a seminar a.k.a workshop organized by the university. It was a pre-requisite for me before I can begin my attachment (or internship) next semester. Holy cow! It's gonna be a SIX MONTHS training!

Once you heard of the magic word "seminar", I bet you'll think of these.
Top results:

1. BORING! - An undisputed answer - Certified being the Malaysian way.
2. Waste moolah and time. - The Kiasu, Kiam Siap way
3. You got nothing else to do ah?
4. Seminar ah? Dun wan lah...
5. Sorry fren, I'm not free on that day *without even considering what seminar it is gonna be!*

I admit. I was one of them too. This is so common, as I was well being victimised numerous times to attend unfruitful talks and seminars in UM itself.

So much for me to say, this seminar is totally DIFFERENT ! It was worth my every second, every moment and every penny I'd forked out. Never that I really compliment any speech since Mr. Michael Ng last came to PFS for a talk.

Nevertheless, it was a motivational one too.

Seminar : The Business Presentation Skills

Presenter : Mr. Zakie Ahmad Shariff -ex-UM graduate, accountant
(Google top results: Shahpadu Corp. Asst. GM - big shot fella, rite?)

Venue : BSP 1, Faculty of Economics and Administration

Time : 8.00am - 5.30pm

The very moment he stepped in the room, it was all spooky and he straightaway told us, "We're not gonna end at 5.30pm, instead we're finishing at 12.30pm, is that cool with you guys?"

Without hesitation, "Hell YEAH!"

It's like got 'udang' behind the stone lidat. In our minds, tactical war has begun as many questions begin springing out of our brains.

Is he a typical presenter that is gonna earn some easy moolah and let us off?
Or he is tricking us to check out our reactions?
We're typical engineering students, and we do play mind games with lecturers, often. This time around, we so new to this guy and anticipating new things to come out from him. He did not disappoint us.

After some brief introduction, we were all impressed by him. His CV is just magnificient, a Malay enthusiast who deals with handful of CEOs and I believe he's got some titles and awars under his belt as well. Amazed as expected, we gave extra attention for the speech.

Frankly speaking, he captured us with his simple yet obnoxious presentation. All of us were intrigued by his sense of humour. All in all, he manage to secure our attention every now and then and that makes him hell of a good presenter.

There are some highlights of the day, in point forms for ease of reading. I am not including all those points that makes a good presentation as it is rather much of the same like we use to know. Things like having the attention of audience, direct to the point, eye stimulation and stuff...I'm pretty sure you guys know about it too.

I'm highlighting all the topics and the links that makes them so seductive, so sexy and so inetesting suitable for all genres.

Part 1: A Comparison

Presenter : Do you know what a presenter needs the most from a presentation?
I shall say a presentation is similar to a MINISKIRT. It must be SHORT enough to ATTRACT, and LONG enough to cover the essentials.

Audience : Holy smokes...

and this is what I call miniskirt... micro mini also can LOL

Part 2: The Middle Finger

Presenter : One thing is I must emphasize to you is when you are gesturing or pointing to
something, so not use your middle finger. Common sense la rite?

Cynider : Sir, I've got one story to share.

Presenter : Good, and I like response too, please share!

Cynider : There is this story about the middle finger. Last time in the English-French war, both countries has grown to hate each other.The English have their reliable archers which made the French so worried. The French FRIES resorted to kidnap all the archers and cut-off or amputate their middle finger so that they can't aim properly. To the English dismay, many of them we're pissed off and kinda TULAN. So, everytime they are at war with the French, they'd point to them their middle finger, signifying that they can still aim!

Presenter : OMG!!

Part 3 : The Wizard of Ahhs!

Presenter : Not the sound that you're having in mind definitely. Sigh, students nowadays. I knew it from your reactions. Actually Ahhs means the type of reaction that a presenter wanted to get from his/her audience. Ahhs symbolize amazement or rather the sense of believing something that has got to do with the audience.

Class : Ahhs...

Presenter : Gotcha! Now you realize how important is to get your attention. So, wake up!

*thus waking up those sleepy asses at the corner of the room*

The presenter is a master of convincing people to listen to what he says. Withing a snap of a finger, I can be drifted to what he says, powerful huh? That what makes him such a successful man. Salute him!

and yes, I got drifted by him. This way!

and I left the seminar...reeling in INSPIRATION.

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Appel said...

Shahpadu Corp. Asst. GM??? hebat 1 ah...

anN said...

Yurrr...still remember ur starlight story.Haha...

sweeheng said...

So, what time did the seminar actually end ? =D

appel said...

so,mr time wil u be the volunteer to become a group leader?n dun worry, i wont ask u 'wat do u think tat u can lead us'...haha

Des said...

ann: dun say adee laa..make me fell shy nia...i have nothing else to say so have to create story..too spontaneous

sweeheng: it reaaly ended 12.30pm, but we all wish it lasted a lil longer...

appel: yea laa, dia memang hebat wan! volunteer ar? i tink i kena tink twice haha...