Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Malaysia - The Global Comparison

Today has been a rather "international" exposure day for me.

It started with the breaking news of Malaysia's disgraceful defeat in the AFC Asia Cup, a thrashing indeed.

Malaysia 1-5 China

Just like the Nike tagline:

Keep the courts clean,

Thrash your opponents!

I bet Stadium Bukit Jalil has been swept cleanly by the Chinese yesterday.

Perhaps a tornado just swept thru our team!

To add salt to the wound, the other 3 host nations scored upset victories over much fancied teams in their opening campaign.

Frankly, do you expect Malaysia to beat the Chinese?

2 simple theories to support my views:

Point 1: Malaysia never been to the World Cup, unlike the Chinese team.

Point 2: 23 million population VS 1.3 BILLION population: just to select the best XI line-up.

You do your maths please!

We need to groom more Ronaldinho's and Kaka's I suggest!

Well, we go on to the highlight of the day.

An encounter with my new coursemate from Austria.

A part of student exchange program student.

WILLKOMMEN ! Selamat Datang !!!

Peter Raninger is his name...

and do pronounce it properly, it ain't Power Ranger or watsoever.

For your information, Austrian speaks German language.

Many of us do not know anything else about Austria though, and that scares almost everyone away from talking to him.

But due to his level 4.85-out-of-5 of kekacakan dan keHANDSOMEman yang tak terhingga, all the girls were dozing of their pheromons all over the class and of course towards him.

He is one lucky guy. Definitely.

Consider every Austrian would say this to others.

It's like their tagline :

Austria - There's no kangaroos in Australia Austria.

That's how he introduced his place of origin...

and we too got our own style/way of welcoming him.

That's by stuffing him with hell lots of food in the class.

Typical Malaysian way of "healthy" living and diverse culture.

He was treated with rambutans, biscuits, keropok goreng and even Chinese food products.

I bet my coursemates would be bringing durians next.


The culture exchanging process didn't stop just right there.

Many interesting parts of my conversation with him took place.

Er, considering I'm one of the few English educated fella in my class, everyone pin-pointed my to sit with him and give him a brief start.

Well, I did volunteered.

Funny encounters:

Part I: About The Course- An Educative Introductory

Peter : Hey, can you tell me more about the lecturers here?

Des : Sure, which aspect do you wanna know about?

Peter : I've seen a few lecturers prior to this lecture.

They look so weird to me.

I've never seen anyone like them!

Des : Huh? *idle*

Peter : I mean they have this huge beard stuff and wearing hats and dresses absurdly.

Des : LOL ! I see, this is what u meant.

Well, the guy you were talking about is from Pakistan and he is a Muslim...

and that's not a hat, it's called songkok. Muslims wear 'em.


Ohya, and the beard thingy, you've got to ask him.

He is certainly not a terrorist like Osama, he is a nice guy instead.

Peter : Oh... *Austrians are cool, they don't seem to be amazed which mulut terlopong ones*

p/s: no disrespect for my lecturer and others, it's just another cultural shock :)

Part II: During The Lecture- Fascinated

Des : Hey, Peter. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask me anytime.

Peter : I already have one. Does the lecturers here teach at this speed?

I mean do they just speed through the slides?

Des : Any problems with that?

Peter : I just can't.... *showing signs of blurr'ism*

Des : Kidding my friend. Chill.

Perhaps our lecturer assumed that we already learnt those stuff and
decides to just brief thru.

Peter : *Sigh of relief*

Part III: Fast Food For Lunch- KFC

Peter : We don't have KFC back there. We've McDonald's and Burger King there.

Des : I see. I suppose this is special for you.

Peter : Very special. You guys don't use knives and forks.

You use spoon and your hands instead.

Des : That's why we say KFC- It's Finger Lickin' Good !

Peter : Amused *full of question marks*

What a day it was with Peter, a very friendly Austrian.

After all, we do have something in common.

We're not proud of our national football teams either.

Malaysia just got thrashed in the Asian Cup.

On the other hand, Austria are not having the strongest squad for the upcoming Euro 2008 in the homeground.

At least, lectures won't be so boring with people like Peter around.

Back to my international encounters, Penang is getting it's second bridge.

Been well anticipated, but then we need a hefty RM1.7 billion loan from China!

Maybe that is the reason Malaysia were thrashed? Maybe RM1.7 billion is already at a discounted interest rate?


I think until the next generation also this debt cannot be settled.

So much for another great development plan by our government.

Perhaps I do not study much about economics and finance, but I do hope it is a worthy investment.


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blueapple said...

1.7 billion in ringgit??
thats not much lar des...
i'd expect them to cover it in a few years only.. or maybe less than that.
Malaysia is kinda rich you know, with all that oil and stuff.. just the money sometimes go missing..kuang kuang..
everything is politics nowadays..
cheers mate

Des said...

err, do ya think Malaysia is rich? If rich no nid to loan money adee lo...

and definitely it'll be more than 20 years to payback...

try and search for malaysian's debt...

u'll be amazed!


p/s: ya, money always gone missing... leaking pockets kut?

anN said...

Oi..Better dun let saidur rahman see hat naked pic.Blek..=p He will fail u.Haha....

anN said...

Mistake here.Should be Zainal HUda.Haha..Miss Saidur Rahman too much d...

sweeheng said...

If he is 4.85/5.00, what about yourself ?

4.84/5.00 ?

(Since you sound jealous that he's getting all the attention in lectures now =D)

appel said...

is peter really tat handsome?mr des...i dun think i a gal?