Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lack of Update

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First of all, my apologies for more than a week without a post.

Too many things came to me at the same time.

Friends coming over my place, Dearest birthday, Capstone Project got underway, assignment came pouring and coursemate birthday.

All of these took me the whole week already. No resting and not free time swimming and stuff.

It turned out to be an eventful one though.

I shall post about those matters in separate entries.

and also not forgetting... Sexy Guys with sedusive abs...

all this, only at MY PASSION, MY LIFE !

stay tuned!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

When It's A Dull Weekend...

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Another weekend is here and this weekend, I went to another Corporate Seminar organized by the UM authority as pre-requisite for me prior to my internship. It was kinda dull and I seriously do not wish to highlight.

When you're bored...

and have got absolutely nothing to do...

There's only one place to be.

This site!
photo credits to http://dailyfunnypic.com , http://thestar.com.my and www.yahoo.com

I bet still fresh in every Malaysian football supporters, how it feels to be in this state of disarray. Of course you wouldn't see anymore foreign teams dismantling each and every part of our national football team, rite?

So being a Malaysian kaki bola, I resorted to this. In a way to direct my attention away from those saddening situation, I found something funny to uplive my football spirits.

Nowadays, football isn't not just about football. OMG what the heck am I talking about?

Actually I was talking about how football changes the mind of people around the globe. Let's see their reactions.

Supporters nowadays are getting more and more hardcore. They not only intrude the pitch, but also come in all sorts of attire. Here's one HEN got caught by it's breeder. Oops, the security guard! hehe

How about being a HORSE? In Hokkien, we acknowledge this as 'Beh Bin', also known to be the guard to the gate of Hell. Japanese fans nowadays welcomes their opponents to hell, I presume?

Back on the pitch, when the tempo is too high and too hot to handle... They go handling people's balls pula! LMAO! They are hot, aren't they?

I know, I know. The Simpson's fans please be patient. This is not a spoiler or what so ever. Just a picture of an erected Homer Simpson. Woi I mean a standing Homer Simpson!

Lastly, two Jack and Rose Dawson wannabe's... Here it goes:
Jack : Close your eyes and set yourself free!
Rose : *Tries so peep with eyes closing semi-tightly*
Jack : Can you feel it?
*bird struck!*
Rose : Jack, I'm FLYING! struck by a bloody bird!!!
and another weekend is gone... with my lips smiling at those idiots!
Lesson of the day: Forget the sad ones, bring in the hilarious ones!

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I Signed Up For This Moolah Site!

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Hello people! Recently I have made another addition of my life in this blogsphere by signing up for Moolah site. It has first come to my notice when I was, as usual, blog-hopping all around to discover some fascinating blogs. Furthermore, when I was further introduced and thoroughly explained the details of this Moolah site by some blogger friends, I was simply attracted. As you all might have herad of, it is not easy to convince people like me to join this community, but after studying the facts and benefits, frankly I have no hassle at all to drag myself all the way to be part of this big family of this Moolah site.

Since then, my blogging experience has been totally different, certainly! It has brought me to enjoy so many benefits, namely I have made more blogger buddies and of course, added some personal income through my passion in blogging. Amazing, isn't it? This network of friends I have made via this Moolah site are very helpful in setting up an account and also directing traffic to your blog. Basically this Moolah site offers me the advantage and the flexibility to choose the topics that I'm well versed with and suites my style of posting. Moreover, they pay sumptuously and easy money can be easily directed to you in no time. The best of all, it is very simple to pick and opportunity and less troublesome compared to other sites where they require many additions and traffic income to a certain blog and not forgetting some gruesome processes in joining and submitting a post.

In a nutshell, this Moolah site made life easier for bloggers to earn some extra cash while enjoying themselves in the blogsphere. Join now and be part of our community!

Let's blog now!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Seductive World 2007

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Viewer discretion is advised.

Parental advisory must be extremely ketat maximum level 99.

Budak under age, please don't ever dream to peep ya!

Behold! Beauties ahead. A strong magnetic field, for men.

Annually, For Him Magazine FHM would be unveiling the earth sacred beauty of its own. Guys die anticipating it, and the ladies would do anything to just get into the list. It is simply the most sought of magazine in the modern era.

Introducing to you the FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2007.

Of cos it woud be too long for me to elaborate all hundred of them. I'll keep them short and highlight the TOP TEN and some hotshots only. Fair enough? So did Scarlett Johansson able to defend her title she won last year? Stay tuned!

Now, don't over-drool yourself and doing "other" things that you're not suppose to do. Control ya my friends...Tissues please! and wankerchief hankerchief too!

I shall start off with some celebrities that made the cut for the Top 100. Unfortunately, it is not that they don't have what it takes to be in Top Ten. Perhaps its just luck and timing... and also plus your support. You'd be more interested to vote next year as they usually receive millions of votes from all around the globe.


#67 Paris Hilton

Everi bodi surely know her wan, not because of her singing and acting. You know la. Her "promotion" was the globe's TOP downloaded item for god's sake. Honestly, besides knowin' her as the heir of the great hotel chain, the 26 yrs old socialite has successfully transformed from porn star to actress, model, singer and author. Of cos the most recent would be an ex-prisoner. What a life!

p/s she looks so old in this pic, rite? but i guess the "half cut" dress attracted ur attention, for sure!

If I say Mikaela Banes, you know who's that? Definitely! Transformer mia Autobot Bumblebee also seduced by her groovy body, apatah lagi lelaki seluruh dunia! The hot bombshell is just 21 this year- young and wild. She's tops in Chicks of 2007, certainly. You might find it interesting to read this : proof of her wildness.
and she ain't pulling her undies any further down, peeps. Dream on!

#26 Eva Mendes

Wei, ask yourself- What drives you to watch the Ghostrider? The flaming skull or the news-caster? The top fashion industries icons rate her as pure beauty as she just look awesome with or without make up. She doesn't really need Revlon, didn't she? Will Smith sudah banyak fall for her, till tempang adee I guess... Have to beg here and there and do this and that, I'd bet many guys would do the same.




Cukup preview adee.. Drum rolls...

Counting down for the TOP TEN.

Here it goes.

#10 Marisa Miller

Siapa tu? One of the supermodels for Victoria's Secret and Vogue Magazine, not the tops though but trust me, she's still as hot as ever. Not bad for a new entrant. Very reveilling huh? Number Ten already turn you ON? C'mon guys, there's more to come. Hold your breaths.

#9 Keira Knightley

Yes, pirate's mia hotchick- not recommendable. If wana find a wife, better find someone with a better personality or else u get whacked from Legolas Will Turner- u know lah, he kenot die adee wan now since Davy Jones is dead. Er, she's hot since pirates 1 and still as charming as ever! Miss Swann has got the fighting skills, you guys might find it useful huh?

Sexy lips, that is her prized asset of course. Anyone wana call her mama? She might consider to adopt u, but the bad side is that u're gona have a too-handsome-papa... U don't mind that don't cha? She's a former number one in FHM and Hollywood's sex symbol. Mr Smith is rich, and so is Mrs Smith. But they like to play shooting in their house, best rite?

Whoaaa!!! That's the way she laugh and smile. I bet her smile can kill any guys, that's 100% confirmasi wan... Trust me, go watch Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 and you'll nose bleed! However, the South American bombshell recently claimed that she’s still a virgin. Fast fast go grab her from Lenny Kravitz.
p/s This pic is se seductive rite? Don't keep on zooming and enlarging ya, it's BIG and clear enuff adee! Perverts!

Body ada shape wan..action movie star from the movie Next, another fella seduced by Nicolas "Mat Romeo" Cage. Ang moh looks old on screen but in reality, they still rock big time, just like this Jessica.
p/s Wei, people, look at her facial beauty enuff k, not other parts k! Although the dress looks interesting! Front view anyone?

This is MY PICK man! God must have a lil too much time to create this angel. Fuh! Head to toe perfect one. Her classy look with lovely personality has made her way to be Victoria's Secret Top Supermodel and boomed Brazil's tourism industry together with Adriana and Gisele. This 26 yr old and 5'9" babe has been considered world's beautiful women for numerous years. CERTIFIED CHICK!
p/s The picture speaks a thousand words. *admires and idolizes*

Another Brazillian. Super rich, the first supermodel to be ranked by the famous Forbes Magazine. Guinness World Book of Records certifies her as the world richest supermodel with an astounding US$150 million personal fortune. Too bad she dumped Leonardo DiCaprio, but so what? She owns her own brand of perfume and shoes design as well.
Wishin' that she wears a lil lesser rite? I don't think she minds either. Hehe

Hmm... From my view, she is not 'chun' enough to be crown the winner again. Practically she didn't do anyhting to impress the media or to stret her stuff. So a number 3 is kinda achievement for her adee for her effort to get along with Justin Timberlake. I wonder she has got a sexy back? I still doubt so.
This pic makes many local ladies feel rendah diri wan... Take easy k. They're caucasians, understand that as a fact, hehe!

The American Idol runner-up last year has returned with a bang! New look with new inspired album, her debut album has sold over 100, 000 copies in just the first week. That's the reason for guys to tune to her music and her beauty. You know la, last time not fehmes (famous) tak gitu banyak promo, now ppl so so great adee..of cos beauty automatic terserlah wan...

Guys, her dress is slowly dropping! But sorry this ain't a video! So Stop clicking cos it won't play!
and the SEXY BACK this year is........

non other than...

In 2006, her sultry smash hit Into The Blue with macho undercover road racer Paul Walker is clearly still fresh in our thought. The great news is this year, we're able to see more of this babe from movies like Fantastic 4 and The Eye. Her tanned coke-bottle shape body still distract u from ur work? Undeniable, she's one of a kind.

and now get back to your work!

Don't go to toilet or dirty ur screen straightaway man!

Be civilized people!
This post is a mean to cherish the beauty and the art of seduction.
Learn more of this thru this blog, LOL!


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seduced By A Seminar

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not the ones you used to think of...

Yesterday, I was forced to attend attended a seminar a.k.a workshop organized by the university. It was a pre-requisite for me before I can begin my attachment (or internship) next semester. Holy cow! It's gonna be a SIX MONTHS training!

Once you heard of the magic word "seminar", I bet you'll think of these.
Top results:

1. BORING! - An undisputed answer - Certified being the Malaysian way.
2. Waste moolah and time. - The Kiasu, Kiam Siap way
3. You got nothing else to do ah?
4. Seminar ah? Dun wan lah...
5. Sorry fren, I'm not free on that day *without even considering what seminar it is gonna be!*

I admit. I was one of them too. This is so common, as I was well being victimised numerous times to attend unfruitful talks and seminars in UM itself.

So much for me to say, this seminar is totally DIFFERENT ! It was worth my every second, every moment and every penny I'd forked out. Never that I really compliment any speech since Mr. Michael Ng last came to PFS for a talk.

Nevertheless, it was a motivational one too.

Seminar : The Business Presentation Skills

Presenter : Mr. Zakie Ahmad Shariff -ex-UM graduate, accountant
(Google top results: Shahpadu Corp. Asst. GM - big shot fella, rite?)

Venue : BSP 1, Faculty of Economics and Administration

Time : 8.00am - 5.30pm

The very moment he stepped in the room, it was all spooky and he straightaway told us, "We're not gonna end at 5.30pm, instead we're finishing at 12.30pm, is that cool with you guys?"

Without hesitation, "Hell YEAH!"

It's like got 'udang' behind the stone lidat. In our minds, tactical war has begun as many questions begin springing out of our brains.

Is he a typical presenter that is gonna earn some easy moolah and let us off?
Or he is tricking us to check out our reactions?
We're typical engineering students, and we do play mind games with lecturers, often. This time around, we so new to this guy and anticipating new things to come out from him. He did not disappoint us.

After some brief introduction, we were all impressed by him. His CV is just magnificient, a Malay enthusiast who deals with handful of CEOs and I believe he's got some titles and awars under his belt as well. Amazed as expected, we gave extra attention for the speech.

Frankly speaking, he captured us with his simple yet obnoxious presentation. All of us were intrigued by his sense of humour. All in all, he manage to secure our attention every now and then and that makes him hell of a good presenter.

There are some highlights of the day, in point forms for ease of reading. I am not including all those points that makes a good presentation as it is rather much of the same like we use to know. Things like having the attention of audience, direct to the point, eye stimulation and stuff...I'm pretty sure you guys know about it too.

I'm highlighting all the topics and the links that makes them so seductive, so sexy and so inetesting suitable for all genres.

Part 1: A Comparison

Presenter : Do you know what a presenter needs the most from a presentation?
I shall say a presentation is similar to a MINISKIRT. It must be SHORT enough to ATTRACT, and LONG enough to cover the essentials.

Audience : Holy smokes...

and this is what I call miniskirt... micro mini also can LOL

Part 2: The Middle Finger

Presenter : One thing is I must emphasize to you is when you are gesturing or pointing to
something, so not use your middle finger. Common sense la rite?

Cynider : Sir, I've got one story to share.

Presenter : Good, and I like response too, please share!

Cynider : There is this story about the middle finger. Last time in the English-French war, both countries has grown to hate each other.The English have their reliable archers which made the French so worried. The French FRIES resorted to kidnap all the archers and cut-off or amputate their middle finger so that they can't aim properly. To the English dismay, many of them we're pissed off and kinda TULAN. So, everytime they are at war with the French, they'd point to them their middle finger, signifying that they can still aim!

Presenter : OMG!!

Part 3 : The Wizard of Ahhs!

Presenter : Not the sound that you're having in mind definitely. Sigh, students nowadays. I knew it from your reactions. Actually Ahhs means the type of reaction that a presenter wanted to get from his/her audience. Ahhs symbolize amazement or rather the sense of believing something that has got to do with the audience.

Class : Ahhs...

Presenter : Gotcha! Now you realize how important is to get your attention. So, wake up!

*thus waking up those sleepy asses at the corner of the room*

The presenter is a master of convincing people to listen to what he says. Withing a snap of a finger, I can be drifted to what he says, powerful huh? That what makes him such a successful man. Salute him!

and yes, I got drifted by him. This way!

and I left the seminar...reeling in INSPIRATION.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Malaysia - The Global Comparison

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Today has been a rather "international" exposure day for me.

It started with the breaking news of Malaysia's disgraceful defeat in the AFC Asia Cup, a thrashing indeed.

Malaysia 1-5 China

Just like the Nike tagline:

Keep the courts clean,

Thrash your opponents!

I bet Stadium Bukit Jalil has been swept cleanly by the Chinese yesterday.

Perhaps a tornado just swept thru our team!

To add salt to the wound, the other 3 host nations scored upset victories over much fancied teams in their opening campaign.

Frankly, do you expect Malaysia to beat the Chinese?

2 simple theories to support my views:

Point 1: Malaysia never been to the World Cup, unlike the Chinese team.

Point 2: 23 million population VS 1.3 BILLION population: just to select the best XI line-up.

You do your maths please!

We need to groom more Ronaldinho's and Kaka's I suggest!

Well, we go on to the highlight of the day.

An encounter with my new coursemate from Austria.

A part of student exchange program student.

WILLKOMMEN ! Selamat Datang !!!

Peter Raninger is his name...

and do pronounce it properly, it ain't Power Ranger or watsoever.

For your information, Austrian speaks German language.

Many of us do not know anything else about Austria though, and that scares almost everyone away from talking to him.

But due to his level 4.85-out-of-5 of kekacakan dan keHANDSOMEman yang tak terhingga, all the girls were dozing of their pheromons all over the class and of course towards him.

He is one lucky guy. Definitely.

Consider every Austrian would say this to others.

It's like their tagline :

Austria - There's no kangaroos in Australia Austria.

That's how he introduced his place of origin...

and we too got our own style/way of welcoming him.

That's by stuffing him with hell lots of food in the class.

Typical Malaysian way of "healthy" living and diverse culture.

He was treated with rambutans, biscuits, keropok goreng and even Chinese food products.

I bet my coursemates would be bringing durians next.


The culture exchanging process didn't stop just right there.

Many interesting parts of my conversation with him took place.

Er, considering I'm one of the few English educated fella in my class, everyone pin-pointed my to sit with him and give him a brief start.

Well, I did volunteered.

Funny encounters:

Part I: About The Course- An Educative Introductory

Peter : Hey, can you tell me more about the lecturers here?

Des : Sure, which aspect do you wanna know about?

Peter : I've seen a few lecturers prior to this lecture.

They look so weird to me.

I've never seen anyone like them!

Des : Huh? *idle*

Peter : I mean they have this huge beard stuff and wearing hats and dresses absurdly.

Des : LOL ! I see, this is what u meant.

Well, the guy you were talking about is from Pakistan and he is a Muslim...

and that's not a hat, it's called songkok. Muslims wear 'em.


Ohya, and the beard thingy, you've got to ask him.

He is certainly not a terrorist like Osama, he is a nice guy instead.

Peter : Oh... *Austrians are cool, they don't seem to be amazed which mulut terlopong ones*

p/s: no disrespect for my lecturer and others, it's just another cultural shock :)

Part II: During The Lecture- Fascinated

Des : Hey, Peter. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask me anytime.

Peter : I already have one. Does the lecturers here teach at this speed?

I mean do they just speed through the slides?

Des : Any problems with that?

Peter : I just can't.... *showing signs of blurr'ism*

Des : Kidding my friend. Chill.

Perhaps our lecturer assumed that we already learnt those stuff and
decides to just brief thru.

Peter : *Sigh of relief*

Part III: Fast Food For Lunch- KFC

Peter : We don't have KFC back there. We've McDonald's and Burger King there.

Des : I see. I suppose this is special for you.

Peter : Very special. You guys don't use knives and forks.

You use spoon and your hands instead.

Des : That's why we say KFC- It's Finger Lickin' Good !

Peter : Amused *full of question marks*

What a day it was with Peter, a very friendly Austrian.

After all, we do have something in common.

We're not proud of our national football teams either.

Malaysia just got thrashed in the Asian Cup.

On the other hand, Austria are not having the strongest squad for the upcoming Euro 2008 in the homeground.

At least, lectures won't be so boring with people like Peter around.

Back to my international encounters, Penang is getting it's second bridge.

Been well anticipated, but then we need a hefty RM1.7 billion loan from China!

Maybe that is the reason Malaysia were thrashed? Maybe RM1.7 billion is already at a discounted interest rate?


I think until the next generation also this debt cannot be settled.

So much for another great development plan by our government.

Perhaps I do not study much about economics and finance, but I do hope it is a worthy investment.


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wild Sedim River 2.0

18 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

Loads of photos!

Snapped 'em while i'm too free...

As promised, pictures-pictures and pictures...

We began our journey about 10am and reached Kulim by 11am.

And after a few turns, out of a sudden we "transformed" our cars into bumblebee rally mode!

Memang best *not talking about Transformers for the moment* !

This is what I'm talking about! The Karamjit Singh rally ground!

From the outskirts to super miniskirts ulu kampung village. When you see this Petronas station, you can be pretty sure you're in no man's land.

One lane muddy terrain plus human traffic light, awesome! RM3.50 per hour, free and easy, flags RED for STOP, and flags GREEN for GO GO GO!, anyone wants this job?

Deep into the jungle, there is no turning back. If there is any vehicle coming in the opposite direction, I doubt there will be any alternative routes.

Else, your tyres would be stucked inside the thick mud. Just like the rally cars, except that ours ain't any Hummer H2 or other 4-Wheel-Drive.

Just a Chevrolet Camaro some normal Proton cars.

Pay some RM2 parking fees and you're free to wonder anywhere you like. I take it as fees to park our asses, must be adee lah...

We were greatly amused by the river. Practically the place offers the only thing to much of our anticipation. Wild river adventure!

Clear waters, extremely fast currents and rocky cliffs. Drooling already?

And not forgetting the canopy walk. My advice is... DON'T GO for it.

It does not worth a penny, guys!

Our conversation with the personnel at Sg. Sedim sounds like this:

Wanster from THE Blog sudah mau keriau sama depa! *from the Canopy Tree Top*

Des : Kak, berapa kami kena bayar untuk masuk "Canopy Walk" ni?

Kak XXX : Er, RM10 setiap orang, dik.

Des : Tarak discount kah, Kak? Student price ker?

Some idiots beside me : Wah lao eh, you think this is GSC ar? Kasi discount sama lu?

and there goes my discount bargain...

Being a typical Malaysian student, we often bargain for the best price, unlike the overseas where companies OFFER students with great rewards.

But my friends are getting richer, what to do...

We were all at high spirits much before this encounter, but now our spirits sudah kena discount 25% adee... Never mind, don't bother, we go on!

We kinda expected it though, so much for a Visit Malaysia Year 2007- yang tarak discount~!

In our minds, canopy walk is like the ones we have in Penang Hill or Taman Negara, where the walkway is situated high up the trees and only hung by ropes and planks that made our paths.

What makes a canopy walk a truly fun experience is when it swirls and twirls, shakes and trembling our feet as we walk through.

However, Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk is rather different.

They give us a fully cast-iron, steel bridge which does not hang by the trees!

It is just like a pedestrian bridge, but it's instead placed inside the jungle and crosses thru the river.

So stable and rock-steady that even a Rikishi jump won't shake a feather off its tail.

Well done architects, but too bad, no fun! A sense of security instead.

Up there along the pathway, you might encounter this. Dream on guys, the cempedak fruit all sudah BOTAK for sure...Habis dipetik.

Another CRAP by Malaysian... At first, you might be fooled by the height...
Whoaaa, so high wan r? Cheh, milimeter pulak!

It is educative for tourists and visitors to see and learn for themselves about the neccesary info around the walk with this board.

And this is what happen when they overcharged the visitors! How pathetic!
Vandalism, the Malaysian way.
Btw, it's written there wildlife, but I never seen any. Sigh.

Back to the fun part.

The "Let's Get Wet" part.

We had hell of a good time in the water.

Many of us chicken'ed out when we first saw the stream current, thus no white water rafting this time.

Furthermore, it was so-called fully booked.

They in turn offered us the Sedim River Adventure.

It costs around RM35 for a 4 hour return hike up to the highest waterfall or "lubuk".

It was kinda time-consuming activity, it would simply deprive us off our time to soak in the water!

It is rather more suitable for those staying over for the night.

Self exploring the river, no trails at the sides, searching for the perfect spot for a swim.

Pics for the leader groups.

and the Chasers were caged behind. I wonder they were stalking girls or monkeys...

As usual, some Tarzan tricks and jumps and letting ourselves washed by the strong stream current.

The feeling is awesome! Whoaa... the water is so refreshing.

Unlike the hot weather at the park, it freezes our balls up!

Abseilling and Firefox Flying Fox nonetheless are stated clearly in the brochure, but to no avail, none of the workers are at the site.

Nobody cares if you're about the throw yourself down the trails on the Flying Fox. This must be the site where Tobey Maguire practices his spidey skills.

Well, actually our plan didn't really work out on that day.

We presume that on weekdays we do not need to make any reservations to enjoy all the facilities over there at Sungai Sedim.
Manatau, when we reached and enquired the people over there, they seem like... PEMALAS!
Gosh, as we could hardly spot any other tourist (we thought we are the only group there!), the management told us that they were fully booked and tonnes of people are coming.
Until we left the scene late in the evening, still no one there also!
We left pissed in peace.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wild Sedim River Part I

25 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

Caution !

Viewer discretion is advised.

Wednesday was the day I decided to add another spice to my life.

Yes, another jungle trekking adventure.

An adventure, as promised by the tagline.

Let me bring you to this Sungai Sedim Recreational Park.

Many of you will be asking, "Where the heck is this 'ulu' place?"

Even some queried "You got nowhere else to go is it?"

or just "You're just another lame guy trying hard to kill off some free time"

Located about 30 km of tiny town of Kulim, Kedah, Sungai Sedim is considered a new recreational park open since last year.

Still new, yes it is.

Many would not know anything about this place.

It was selected as a stage for the Explorace reality show too.

Even it was used as the venue for some sporting even like Sukan Air Terbuka Kedah.

As for the locals, it is just famous spot for picnics.

Awwww... I'm not gonna picnic there!!!

I came all the way from Penang just to picnic in the woods?


Hell NO !!!

I'm yearning for more than that, at least.

It's been a while since i explore some new place.

This time i decided to go a step further to brave new challenges.

Ever since braving past the pounding waves of Surfers' Paradise, Gold Coast, I'm always looking ahead for some smaller ones. The waves over there was way too "deadly". I was almost frozen there LOL!

How about a stream? Easy rite?

Nah, this is what drives me to another adventure.


Has this seduced you?

Do anticipate, there's more coming up!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seduced to Pantai Kerachut, again!

5 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

I've lost count how many times I've been to Pantai Kerachut.

Since the first time stepping foot there in 1999, I guess it was love at first sight.

Yes, it is. I fell in love for all the seducive bikini babes by the beach.

But then, it was the gloomy nite with twinkling stars and shooting stars that caught my attention.

Still fresh in my memory, back then, I reached Kerachut around 3am.

YEAH!! Midnite hike, with only 2 others accompanying me.

Worse still, all three of us were first-timers. Adventurous, as promised.

Back then, the beach was untouched.
It was history already, yet again.

Ever since being proclaimed as Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, Pantai Kerachut has evolved into a better tourist spot with classy facilities for campers!

One word to describe.


Here's my journey, which began with breakfast at Argyll Road for the famous Koay Teow Th'ng.

7 of us met up for breakfast before gearing up all the way to The End of The World.

Not forgetting to stop by the Teluk Bahang market to stock up some lunch packs.

We proceeded with our registration at the Guard Booth and without hesitation, we rushed into the woods to escape the glaring sunlight.
It was already 11am.
The journey there was smooth, as usual.

Fallen tree trunks that makes the hike slightly challenging. Slightly only lah!

More fallen trees, but it has been partly cleared for better path and trail for hikers.

I was starting to wonder was it because of the storm recently hit Penang? Or it was caused by Optimus Prime's arrival to Penang? LOL
* I was too amused by Transformers lately *
* hails the Autobots! *
Jokes being thrown as usual, while this time I was too busy chatting till Jianz warned me of snake passing by, I didn't even realise!

Haha.. Thank God, I'm fine.

Trails were slightly damp due to rainy weather the night before.

That didn't dampen our spirits as we continued to brave over the jungle and of cos taking some breath taking views.
A hut by the lake. Tasik Meromitik it is. Don't ask, I dunno what the heck Meromitik means.
I don't even know how to pronounce it. Tasik Me-ro-man-tik? It was swampy.
Take a break and have a seat. Natural chairs made from tree trunks.

Our journey was approximately 1 hour, far slower than my previous trip where I ran there almost all the way, taking me barely 35 minutes.

This time around, there are more upgrades at Pantai Kerachut.

1. The End of The World Seafood Restaurant is no longer there anymore. I'm not sure where it moved. * attacked by Jack Sparrow adee? kena pirated i tink *

2. A huge Taman Negara Pulau Pinang HQ has erected, replacing the restaurant site.

3. Toilet facilities were upgraded and more units are available. * you don't have to sh*t in the jungle anymore! *

4. There's even power supply for two new Kitchen Huts. This adds another camping facilities. * too bad, u can't bring woofers to club in Kerachut, LOL *

I must put my two thumbs up for the local authorities.

What a wonderful job they have done.
Pantai Kerachut Guard Post. The place you've gotta get yourself registered upon arrival.
Friendly lifeguards await your arrival, they too sell drinks and help you about camping needs.
Charcoal stoves are available too.
Perfectly free!
The campsite. Perfectly safe. Unfortunately, it is very vulnerable to monkey attacks, and mosquitoes! Suitable for campfire, but the authorities do not allow campfires as it scares away the turtles.
Yes, Pantai Kerachut is now a turtle sanctuary.

The two kitchen huts. Equipped with electricity and water resources. The place where Pak Lay Sin is established, where chefs like Chef Wan is nurtured! *kekeke*
Toilets. Just like the ones u encountered in normal parks, rite? Cool! And it's clean, makes you feel just like home!

Later, we rested and chatted sensibly til we don't even realise time has gone so damn fast.
Just a few card games and lazying around the beach, the sun almost sets.
We hiked return to the base and returned home for the day.

A simple yet enjoyable trip it was.

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