Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Islands Getaway

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Honestly, words couldn't describe how much i longed for islands getaway.

Some would say "Don't want lah...later i kena sun burned!".

Moreover, "Go there boring wan, nothing else to do other than play sea water...".

For you guys out there who aren't aware of islands, there's more amazing island adventures anticipating you!

As for me, travelling to each island gives me the sense of relaxation while i explore each island charm and mesmerizing their beauty. Capturing the picturesque beauty *snap!*... it's awesome!
I don't know why, but even if i am just sitting by the seashore listening to the pounding waves, it's just sooths my soul. Apparently, water sports and island hopping adventures and not forgetting snorkelling just completes the whole package.

In this edition, i'm gonna express my support to my nation's Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign as i bring you people closer to our hidden treasure islands.

I'm fairly sure our locals and tourists should recognize islands like Langkawi, Pangkor, Tioman, Redang, Perhentian.



hell NO!

Many more to come, people.

Have you people heard about Pulau Rawa? Pulau Sapi? Pulau Gemia, Pulau Giam, Pulau Tenggol and Pulau Manukan?

Gotcha! No disrespect for other famous islands around the world, these local attractions deserve more attractions and promotions in order to be placed among the world's FINEST.

Yeah! Pictures again would tell you more than words.


Let me begin with Perhentian Island Islands. Just so you know, there is not just an island at Perhentian but there's a several islands worth mentioning. I've been there myself, and personally i'd rate them on top of my list thus far.

This is Pulau Rawa at Perhentian Islands. Clear waters, rocky beaches. Perfect to get tanned.

Teluk Pauh, Perhentian Besar Island. This is the landmark of these famous islands. Hey, u might think it is pretty shallow at the jetty, rite? Don't be like me simply jumped into the water in ecstasy..Holy smokes, it around 8-10 meters deep!

...and this is what u're gonna expect when u snorkel and dive into the blue.

Pulau Lang Tengah lies between Perhentian Islands and Pulau Redang. If you are unaware, it offers the top destination for coral views and top scuba diving spots.

Hmm... This is Redang Island! An aerial view of Teluk Dalam. A hotspot for seafarers all around the globe.

Next up, Sipadan Islands, Sabah. Renowned as Malaysia's Top Island with protected environment.

Mabul Bay, Sipadan Islands. Sandy beaches, shallow and long stretch!

Sipadan, Main Jetty. A perfect view of true blue experience. It is so secluded that u won't be able to find any other islands at visible sight. Magnificient.

Pulau Manukan spearheads the Sabah's World Heritage Site with series of beautiful islands.

This is Pulau Gemia, another island along the stretch of islands in Sabah. Ang Mo Kau famous spot for island getaway in Sabah.

Pulau Sapi, Sabah... Now your realizing Sabah got so many freaking islands!

Alrite, let's head back to the Peninsula. Let's go Pulau Rawa, Johor.

Gloomy beauty of the Rawa Jetty. Kinda commercialized too.

Ini Pulau Tenggol, Terengganu. Secluded. Less popular. Pure relaxation spot!

There's so much for me to say about islands. Perhaps a Penangite makes me an island lover? Maybe it's true. Penang still rocks big time though!

If you people still remember The Lotus Eater, where Thomas Wilson spent his life time working his ass off to get enough money for him to escape the hectic life to a jolly free life. He chose the tiny island of Capri, off coast of Italy. A serene life when he dies at a place he loves so much...

For me, i'd choose Bora Bora Islands, French Polynesia.
That would be the post for my next travel edition.

Who know you might get lucky to meet her??? *woohoo*

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

My First Seduction

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After a long spell off, i shall begin my new blog life with a rather different style.

The reason i chose the "seducing" theme attest to the fact that whenever people surf, read or glance through a page, i am sure those "ma lat lou" or "ham sap lou" or so-called pervert or anyone else would raised their eyebrow in a kind...for sure.


Next, they would expect sexy pictures, seducive stories... and blah blah blah...


I'm not talking about this as seductive, people!

Well, recently i've been wasting hell lot of time lazying around during my holidays...

and what do you normally do when u're bored? ask yourself...

As for me, in this month, i visited the cinema so frequent. So frequent till i am feeling myself being a movie pundit already.

The most recent movie that I am gonna seduce you people with a horror movie.

If you can still recall the widely recognized Thai horror movie, The Shutter ?

Terrifying, rite?


I believe this one is gonna rock u multiple times off your couch!

Seducing Introducing to you...

As far as i can tell, or the actress can tell you through this pic... certified scary!
It all rounds about the pair of Siamese twin, who falls for the same guy. But the guy is perfectly normal k, not another Siamese twin, or else it wouldn't be so much complicated. Ya' know wat i'm sayin'?

Characters name are not important i guess...aiya Thai people name where can remember wan??? Sekejap Sawadikap, sekejap Shinawatra, Kiatisak...(many got -kap, -kap wan...) got some even more complicated wan like Chulalongkorn, and the list goes they came up with the idea of short names.

The twins are Pim and Ploy (not Pimp My Ride k!) and the whole show is filled with people calling PIM!!! PIM!!! if the actress is a big Mama San or a pimp!

In their Pursuit of Happyness, Ploy actually killed her twin sister, Pim and even her mother later on in order to be with the guy... so insane... ironically, she imitates to be her sister Pim (simply because the guy only likes Pim, not Ploy)

A bit tak logik can a person change his/her identity without others realizing? let's forget about it.

So, the scary part begins as the hantu momok (actual deceased Pim) starts to intrude Ploy's life, coming out of her life every now and then without a warning... Scare the shit out of Ploy ( and the audience of course!)

Seduced already? There's more to come.

This time i shall leave it to the pictures to do the job.

I am horrified, terrified, petrified... and kecut'fied !
Say no more...
Go watch for yourself.

Scary enough?

If you liked "Shutter", you will like "Alone" even more!

and another day is gone, 2 weeks left before i return to KL.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Demise of "Yet Another Possibility" Has NOT Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Simplified look.
New tagline.
Fresh Start.
Sleek and classy.
The art of seduction.
My Passion, My Life

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