Monday, November 27, 2006

Football Madness is BACK !!!

it's a month break and coincidentally the EPL season is jamming hard rite now...
with xmas just round the corner, guess i'd be spending more and more teh tariks at the mamaks all over penang...all because i duno why british likes to play football near xmas issit? or cos to attract more crowd or cos they are all in holiday mood adee?

wateva it is, it certainly doin me good cos i dun hav to worry of boringness anymore... watch football, play football, sleep football is my life now...dun have to worry abt other things anymore, a care-free life... nobody's gonna scold me or pressure me nor i have to worry other "silly" stuff... ini kan best?!!!

sounds kinda selfish but hell oledi kicked off...
prior to man utd - chelsea match... we did watched a few matches....
very funny commentrary but not by the football pundits but from frens and fans all over the mamak...

let me show u one funny topic of the day...

it belongs to david james the great!

yea he is footballer ( goalkeeper for portsmouth ) by the day and model on the other hand...
so, guess his style play a pivotal role in his career laa rite...
every game kena wear nice nice smart, trendy trendy...even catch bola also kena dengan style gila babi....

so it's kinda normal if we spot him sporting some different hairstyle...sometimes curly like maggie goreng... like this.... and bleach til warna terang terang so the whole stadium can recognise him..macho la tu...

but lately, i mean yesterday...budak david james ni has got new style...woohoo u probably can't imagine...

how abt the nerdy look? side parting plus straightening? would u give a try? who knows tmr onwards the whole city would follow ur trend...lolz instead of they calling u nerds and sending u tonnes of books and tutorials haha...

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Eve said...

omg! So big difference la...i like the bleach look..u go do a makeover la, then make all the girls drool over you.!!!!

Spyd3r said...

girls drool over me or david james? lolz...

i dun wan girls to drool over me laa.. later all saliva sticky sticky very busuk wan... yucks! lolz

Wan Yean said...

yea rite u dont want girls to drool over you! jangan tipu lah

Spyd3r said...

choyman jealous pulak...haha

Anonymous said...

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angchoonseong said...

dat day the highlight show in bbc damn funny...they do a clip on david james..put music of superman and the superman S sign on his shirt...

and the end of the clip is saying everyone loves superman and showing primus hugging david...

DAMN FUUNNY seriously! the next week david james change hair liau...hahahalol

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