Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Random photos.. A moment to be cherished

Half Madness- Half Serious
Those are my buddies, guess i'm half of both, rite?Not mad, not crazy, and so not serious!
Sephia background? reminiscence of the olden times, perhaps...
Look at Ed, he's right! Wat laa...all wana cover Jay's fugly face lolz

Shotgun, Sven? I nv drink beer sideways!!! gosh, its pumping real fast!

The other table at Bkt Genting, see all of 'em smiling, food is sumptious rite?lolz

NAAH!! ini semua terrorist! so many freaking hands!!gotcha!! but hey, the candle is in my mouth laaaa...stuck inside...u all sumore apply berkilo-kilo newton of force on me!!

err, this is wat i ended up being smashed and squeezed by those maniacs lolss, they are reli smart for buying two cakes..one super creamy and slimy wan for my face, and luckily they din spoil my new york cheese cake...yummy favorita! and not forgetting another blueberry cake from my KL housemates!!

Super long nv hav this reunion...best of buddies...sori yea, sum half-faced...

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