Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saturday Nite Fever Part I

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It all began on this lovely saturday, it was so cloudy the whole day that Teong Li already jokingly cited to count on Birthday Party PLAN B....guess where it will be for plan B??

itu kedai kopi kat Telok Bayan!!! WTH??? yeaps teongs economic planning to save our money and save ourselves from the rain... kidding though..

oh yes, back to the original plan, the weather did not hinder us from getting ourselves right up to Bukit Genting, sumwhere near Teluk Kumbar and Balik Pulau... but hey, celebrating my 21st birthday there sounds like i'm actually going into a casino rite? sumore at "Genting" wor... Hell yea! this Bukit Genting is not the real Uncle Lim's Monte Carlo but then a super nice view on-the-hill restaurant...a thai style restaurant in short...

all of us were in high spirits thru out the day...like after so long this gang has ever meet up again ever since the last chinese new year... i feel so honoured indeed... all my frens giving the maximum time and scrapping all the way all over the map...
from india?? from UKM?? from UM ?? from USM?? from TARC KL?? from Penang itself?? from factories and working places??
yea!!! guys appreciate dat!!!

after meeting at EY's place, 18 of us braved ourselves thru the hectic traffic congestion all the up to the hill...but then overall the journey wasnt that bad as we expected..lots of jokes were cracked..gosh my car was like market lidat haha... ohya up the sloppy hill, we encountered some lil problems as my mum's SLK had to swithc to the lower gear to get our big bums up there... no real problems though hehe!!

yet again, thanks to Lady Cow who already made reservations for me in the restaurant, so guess we are quiet well organized this time around...nice view, perfect timing, nice food, nice weather and full expected attendance ... what else could i ask for?? thank god for blessing me with this bunch of frens! all of us were busy talking most of the time... like berkurun-kurun lama tak jumpa... and as usual, ken was the lame topic of the day, getting joked and teased all the way and thru out the whole nite...biasa laa bro! gota personally pay my attribute to his bestest buddy of mine...Sacrificed all his time just to make it all the way solo from UKM to my bday... and sumore brought me my ever favourite New York Cheese... (luckily its not baked cheese though lolz)... bro! u r still as thoughful as ever... appreciate dat in depths of my soul!

after the dinner, photo sessions pulak... adoi like wat kshern said...apa ni? so formal until we hav to pai post and chairs haha lolz we just posing up in reminiscense of the good old days back in skool...sweet memories of a lifetime...those thing that money cant buy and stuff i duno how to put it in words..english has rotten as ever...excuse me for dat...

guess wat's next? burfday surprise? yea frens like to make fun of me... here comes the beast, ngau...finally he is back roaring wif his beastiality accent... god blessed u so much, u recovered super fast from ur sickness and we too prayed real hard for u... keep in mind that whenever u fully recovered, we're gona celebrate yet another celebration of life wif ya...stay strong bro!

yea back to the topic, he and sven in fact gave me a so-called shotgun... hell of an idea who teaches ppl to drink a can of beer from the side of a can...gosh!! all my tomyam kung and yummy dishes almost puked out right after the ordeal...one is enuff for the moment bros! u got more to come later part at nite...my tummy were so gas-ed up! kembang melebih, and brrb'ed non stop... and yet there's even time for foobak's farewell drink which he self volunteered to save this burfday boy haha...

enuff for the nite??
hell no! nite is forever young and how we wish it would never end
my bro adrian has arranged my part II of the nite adee...
to be continued...

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Random photos.. A moment to be cherished

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Half Madness- Half Serious
Those are my buddies, guess i'm half of both, rite?Not mad, not crazy, and so not serious!
Sephia background? reminiscence of the olden times, perhaps...
Look at Ed, he's right! Wat laa...all wana cover Jay's fugly face lolz

Shotgun, Sven? I nv drink beer sideways!!! gosh, its pumping real fast!

The other table at Bkt Genting, see all of 'em smiling, food is sumptious rite?lolz

NAAH!! ini semua terrorist! so many freaking hands!!gotcha!! but hey, the candle is in my mouth laaaa...stuck inside...u all sumore apply berkilo-kilo newton of force on me!!

err, this is wat i ended up being smashed and squeezed by those maniacs lolss, they are reli smart for buying two cakes..one super creamy and slimy wan for my face, and luckily they din spoil my new york cheese cake...yummy favorita! and not forgetting another blueberry cake from my KL housemates!!

Super long nv hav this reunion...best of buddies...sori yea, sum half-faced...

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

a celebration of life

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hey guys! i ain't gona have any greater birthday celebration other than this year's!!!

taking this opportunity to thank the following people who have shown all their love and care for me!! i cherish them to the depths of my soul forever and ever and ever ever!

My Beloved Family:
dearest mum, dad , brothers (adrian and benji)
uncle michael and family
Brothers of Ventures:
jay sen
boo seong
kuok thong
lee ken
tatt zheng
desmond koh
eing yung
zi ming
The Four Seasons:
Not Forgetting:
Yee Sze
Chuan Zie
Shirley and her crew
my birthday celebration won't be complete with colours of life without your presence!!!
and who else???
housemates at Hillpark:
jin fei
king and gf
wen chiao
u guys gave me such a pleasant surprise back in our apartment!
well wishers:
soo huat
jian huat
keat lim
wei peng
swee heng
choyman wan yean
wyn hsia
mun teng
deh ping
ay ching
leng leng
chee kuang
tauke wey chyuan
siang moh
shiau fong
woon ping the buddy
sze yao
junior shiau ying
yew wang
hoong ping
lai jeng
kuok teong
swee kheng
nian ning
kwai cheng
mei ying
and the list continues...
just wana thank u guys for everything..every lil thing, every single thing mean so much for me...
love u all much!

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