Thursday, July 27, 2006

I bloody hate it!

6 people crapped nia? Gimme more!

So long never post anything adee.... but then it's the wrong thing again... I'm like so freaking damned! Damned all becos of my stupid timetable...

Yeah after a 3-month lay off, living in a care free life and an overjoyed trip to Down Under, it's time back to ever-lame uni life... for me it's super lame, boring and wateva it is, it does not nice to me... why said so? for those ppl who has been wondering why am i complaining of my uni life, u just need to come over and experience it for urself! For some reasons, it just doesn't suit me for heaven sake!

So wats wrong wif my time table? why m i ranting like sh*t?
cos it bloody bothers me and guess wat, i need to attend daily lectures from 5-7pm! and there goes my football cum jogging routine! from monday til friday, i hav to bear the brunt of traffic jams too on my way back to my hse... plus additional lecture from 8-1030pm on fridays, meaning i will not be able to go back hometown on a regular basis anymore... isn't it damning my life?

worse still, on tuesdays, i will be enduring...psst! yea it's and endurance type of lecture... i hav lectures starting from 9am til 7pm... i mean non-stop man! oni and hour break for lunch! can u imagine that?9 hrs lectures?even odd-job workers would consider this as abuse cos no one suppose to work >8 hrs unless on certain circumstances! i was like........hello???! i'm studying ENGINEERING la dude, not MEDIC la... why do i hav to suffer like this? my future monthly income not like rm5digits wan...its oni rm2k laa... perlu suffer macam ni kah?

then on thursdays, i got oni 3 lectures... yeah oni three, sounds fine, no big deal rite? but then rethink abt it! it starts at 9-10am...and continues 1-2pm, and continues 5-7pm... wtf! 3 hrs break in between both sessions..wat m i gona do? stay in my faculty to air balls?goyang kaki?? study??? hell no! then i will be wasting petrol $$ to get to and fro from my hse to faculty... another time, damned!

all of these are just the beginning in my years to come in this department of mechanical and materials engineering... they just can't think of a better way to consider our welfare... from 10 weeks of internship changing to a half year basis... meaning they are scraping my whole semester off!! thus wanting us to complete our compulsory courses within the less-than-specified period of time!

no to say it's not good to hav extra training for half a year, but then do they ever wonder how hard will it be for us to handle the burden of 19 to 21 credit hrs per semester? normally engineering students will oni hav to take 15-16 credit hrs... extra hrs means extra things to study, extra tutorials, extra assignments, extra labs, and extra time of cos! why do they need to fit all of this in our oledi "heavy" timetable? can't they just add in another special semester? overall it won't be so hefty anymore...

p/s i dun mind cutting of my 3 months break to take special semester dude!

so, to conclude it all, no more sports activities in the evenings for me... that's gona ruin my life!!! gosh!

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