Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dusting my dust and cob-webs!

well, there's a few pretty funny and strange encounters throughout my trip in down under...
here's some eye-catcher....

haram! wat the heck! look at the name of this shop! sounds familiar? Omaleh in Gold Coast!!!

oh, now i know there's so many types of fart! kentut basah? kentut bom? kentut ekzos? wastaaala! the best one is kentut senyap tapi MAUT!!! best laa

hmm... this yet another extraordinary bottle shop in sydney... ain't it suppose to be liquor shop?

notty bull!!! pathetic t-shirt sold around Bondi Junction

Huh? i wana buy Bond Street! it costs only $320 in monopoly!!!

who says aussies are competent drivers? they are humans too... poor parking...

hmm... this is definitely a family car... 4 bicycles? next time buy a lorry laa, mate!


hmm... i hope i won't be growing these packs in years ahead!

Overall, the trip to australia has certainly widen my horizon on views of aussie's culture... Aussies are definitely way ahead in the sense of culture maturity and "civilisation"... i wonder when will malaysian be as open-minded and prosperous like them?... perhaps 2020?

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