Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why there's only 45 mins in each half of a football match?

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well it's time for a footbal trivia joke in this month of football madness..
found this article and it's quite funny...

Kenapa masa perlawanan bolasepak adalah 45minit, dan bukannya 30minit ataupun 1 jam (utk separuh masa)?

Saintis sukan dan pemain-pemain veteran jugatidak dapat memberikan jawapan yang tepat. Di dalam kemusykilan tersebut, ada seseorang yang memberikan jawapan yang boleh diterima.

Dia menjawab...."Sebab mengapa bola sepak dimainkan dalam 45 minit ialah..
Terdapat 2 pasukan didalam setiap perlawanandan ada 11 orang pemain disetiap pasukan. Setiap pemain mempunyai "2 biji bola" dan membawanya setiap masa semasa bermain di dalam padang. Jadi, jumlah kesemua bola untuk kedua-duapasukan ialah 44 biji bola. Terdapat sebiji bolas epak yang digunakan di dalam perlawanan. Oleh itu, jumlah keseluruhan ialah 45 minit.
Persoalan terjawab !!!

Tetapi, kadang-kadang adamasa tambahan selama 2 minit...

itu adalah "bola referee"!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pictures, pictures...PICTURES !!!

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hey dudes... u wanna see pictures? u got it!
well, shud i say "don't drool and surf" this site! (not don't drink and drive!)

what? Sydney wouldn't be complete without the Opera House, am i right?
might not be the utmost perfect pic but guess wat, i snapped more than 30 pics of the opera house...
will post up the nicer ones soon...

Picturesque view of the Harbour Bridge, taken at the Darling Harbour...well, i found so many 'darlings' here!!! lolz

Coogee Beach... Look at the cliffs... A slightest of slip would have made me taking the natural Bungee all the way down!

Cockle Bay Wharf, a real nice hangout place to be... Classy for a nite out wif loved ones... A more romantic and sleek version of Gurney Drive...

Leura Falls, Blue Mountains... in fact i had to walk thru the bushway and jumped over the fence to snap this view... the water is icy cold! Brrr......!

Surfers' Paradise shore... Now only i know why they call it Gold Coast! It is pure shore all the way! Golden sands, bronzed babes, crystal clear water, sunny and windy climate... Terrific beach in short!

Was wandering around the malls in Surfers Paradise... It's not that cold after all... Finally found a place that is warm throughout the year in Australia...

Long long way, away from home... From the tiny island of Penang to this gigantic ultra flat island of Australia

Taking a strollin the park in Melbourne Memorial Park... erm, temp was around 7-8 degrees... it was so so windy and cloudy...sneezed non-stop!

David vs Goliath... pic taken in the Melbourne Museum with the skull of a blue whale...

so what u guys tink about Australia?
there's so much to describe about each and every encounters during my stay over there... only pictures would have say it all...

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I finally got myself sighted in Down Under!!!

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Touch Down!!! Aussie here i am!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dusting my dust and cob-webs!

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well, there's a few pretty funny and strange encounters throughout my trip in down under...
here's some eye-catcher....

haram! wat the heck! look at the name of this shop! sounds familiar? Omaleh in Gold Coast!!!

oh, now i know there's so many types of fart! kentut basah? kentut bom? kentut ekzos? wastaaala! the best one is kentut senyap tapi MAUT!!! best laa

hmm... this yet another extraordinary bottle shop in sydney... ain't it suppose to be liquor shop?

notty bull!!! pathetic t-shirt sold around Bondi Junction

Huh? i wana buy Bond Street! it costs only $320 in monopoly!!!

who says aussies are competent drivers? they are humans too... poor parking...

hmm... this is definitely a family car... 4 bicycles? next time buy a lorry laa, mate!


hmm... i hope i won't be growing these packs in years ahead!

Overall, the trip to australia has certainly widen my horizon on views of aussie's culture... Aussies are definitely way ahead in the sense of culture maturity and "civilisation"... i wonder when will malaysian be as open-minded and prosperous like them?... perhaps 2020?

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