Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Champions of Europe


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Clash of the Titans...
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Arsenal FC vs FC Barcelona
2.45am 18 May 2006 (local time)
Stade de France, Paris
Well this is the much anticipated match of the year so far, not accounting for the the World Cup Finals... Why? WHy? WHY?
there's is this penultimate feeling for a person like me who has been supporting this club ever since i was small...real small... 9 yrs old? 10 yrs old? duno lah, forgotten dee...
Barca, Barca, BARCAAAA!!!!!
Let me brief u guys about FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC in this European Champions League...
1. Although Barca are renowned to be a power house of European football for decades, they have only won this elusive competition once, in the year 1992, while being a three-time losing finalist.
2. Prior to this Cup Final, Barca and the Gunners attained the best statistics overall, with Barca bagging the most goals while Gunners hav the steadiest defence of all.
3. There's pretty much of relations between players of both teams:-
i. Ludovic Giuly is the only french star in barca playing against frenchman Arsene Wenger wif his french warriors lead by thierry henry and the like...
ii. Henrik Larsson against Fredik Ljungberg in the Swedish matchup.
iii.Ronaldinho against Gilberto Silva in the midfield
iv.Giovanni van Bronckhorst currently wif Barca,was at Arsenal before being transferred, stil believes Arsenal are stil lagging behind Barca.
v.and of cos Cesc Fabregas (who grew up in barcelona) who recently has been surprisingly named in the Spanish World Cup squad ahead of Ruben Baraja and Morientes, against the Spanish Giants.
4. There's pretty much pressure on Aresen Wenger to deliver the Cup to the Londoners or else they will have to end a yet another trophyless season whilst unlike Barca, they already crowned back2back Spanish Champions...
5. Barca manager Frank Rijkaard has already won the competition twice as a player in AC Milan and Ajax.
6. Arsenal holds the record of of most clean sheets, with currently keeping 10 consecutive clean sheets, with conceding only 2 goals in this year's edition.
7. In contrast to Barca's European glory, Arsenal are making their maiden trip to their very first European final.
8. Should Barca win the Cup, Rafael Marquez will be the very first Mexican to lift the Cup, with legendary Hugo Sanchez failed in his bid for 11 glorious years in Madrid.
Enough of bites? Well, i'm not reli biased over those info i attained from various sources but i just cant find any info that simply suitable for Arsenal supporters, perhaps they prefer to be underdogs, just like wat Fabregas said, they tend to perform better as underdogs...

Deco: Hey Ronnie! Watcha looking at? Kinda like Brokeback, man!!

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, Dejected! If tonight Henry looks like this,definitely he is heading to the Catalan giants

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Photos

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angchoonseong said...

wei..u know how to sing the barcelona song? nvm..tonite i go record down the thing for u..member punya pasal. but i think we can only join in when the chorus comes...BARSA..... BARSA..... BARSALONA
I a bit fan barca.. after went to the stadium sudah jatuh cinta..

Jason said...

Gunners will prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!
But Ronaldinho is undeniably good. The actions starts tonite...

kshern said...

i'm on barca's side for this match but i'm still hoping for some meteorite to fall on the stade de france and crush all the players and no team will be crowned champions this year! repeat every year until MU reaches the CL finals again... :P

even if that doesn't happen, i'll still prefer barca winning it this year...

Wan Yean said...

who cares about champions league when liverpool had won the prestigious f.a. cup? kekeke
barca, my say!

Anonymous said...

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