Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maxis - iPhone in Malaysia!

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At last, the moment that you guys have been waiting for - iPhone has come to Malaysia.

No more hassle to buy from overseas... no need to unlock those phones anymore, be ORIGINAL!

Here you go!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Time to Computer Shopping

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Do not have any idea in finding a suitable computer with good speakers? Or are you confused with the brands to select and the long winded list of specifications? Now you can find the best alternative solution to these mind boggling problems by shopping at ShopWiki and enjoy further great discounts.

Moreover, you can purchase just about any computing accessories that are sold in the IT market. The greatest fact is that you can enjoy great promotions if you buy here online. Furthermore, you have tons of necessary gadget information that you might find it useful.

For instance, I used to have this lousy old fashioned PC at home and having searched information from this site, I found myself cool laptop to replace it with. I was surprised that they also sell very good personal computers too! Now, I have improved gaming speed and operational speed as well. It is absolutely fantastic and this is a shopping site not to be neglected by online shoppers like you!

Additional facts are that they provide product comparison which allows user to compare selectively and prevent from buying a totally wrong computer gadget. For newbie like me, when you are in a situation where you need to know the correct specification of gadgets like printers, it is really troublesome but nevertheless, the fundamental knowledge of these items are always here in this website.

This new online site is the new hit in our community. I hope all of you would gain and manage to grab most of the great deals for yourself. Be it a small hardware like the computer mice and keyboards, they are all sold here too! Why are you still waiting and staring at my site? Go and shop right away! Happy shopping guys and please give me your feedback on your recent experience with this amazing shopping site. I would love to shop more if you encounter more great promotions there!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

February Updates

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So what's new in My Passion, My Life?

Firstly, I finally got my own DSLR, thanks to Bi! Now you can fully enjoy clearer pictures of distinct quality right over here! No more camera phone photography!

Xmas and CNY just passed and to be frank, I've managed to enjoy to the fullest with closest family and friends. Of course more foodie updates in v2.0 blog! You can enjoy the following blog posts like Sai Lam Beef Noodle (Chulia St., Penang), Kin Kin Pan Mee (Chow Kit), Restaurant Hot Pot (Kuchai Lama). Upcoming posts are the likes of Penang food combo (Tang Dynasty Ramen, Hai Wei Seafood) and KL food combo (Ah Soon Fish Head Noodle, Mr Baoz, Mei Yun Paramount, Carls Jr. & 100C Steamboat, NZX)

In my Audioslaved blog, you can listen to the latest genre of music like John Legend's recent introduction - Green Light. Upcoming music includes some remixes and chill out music. Just to pump up the tempo for my exam mood.

As usual, a lil bit more of Affection in out Chronicles after a joyous holiday season with Bi. Couldn't help but to cherish every moment living with my dear. More pictorials coming soon with our new DSLR photography.

What a life celebration!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When Creativity Gets Overboard

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It has been plain sailing in KL, pretty simple holiday, just relax.

It is timely for me to take some breather and to blog.

Since it has been plain and dull, desmond-t decides to give you some twists he has extracted from some funny links. Theme of the day is all about exams.

Here you go... People tend to get super ultra mega creative when it comes to tedious exam questions.

Why not just make it simpler... and humorous?!

I bet many of you may have seen this. "Expand" has numerous meaning right? Pretty unfair for the lecturer to have give him a big Wrong, well at least half mark for his creativity!

He changed the whole question! This guy is out of his mind... He integrated batman into Bruce Wayne.

Wakakaka...there is no limit for answers!

When you can't get the answer, you'd try to get as close to the answer!

He is clearly pissed off with the lecturer.

Kekekekekeke!!! Can you agree more? So offensive!

He truly answered on his own. Very good explanation.

and yet, he/she can't be wrong!

He left it to God to decide his exam grades.

Hey! He got a tick for this!

When questions are too hard to answer, it is suicidal!

Behold, it's getting more and more funny!

Wahaha...children nowadays learn the F word earlier than they learn about animals!

He can draw pretty well and cool description... Holding his testes and created a kungfu gland as well

Fyi, F7 key is spelling check key. Plus point with the drawing.

I gladly regard this as the best answer script!

This is confusing!

This is insane!

This is blasphemy!

Cheers, have a joyous Christmas holidays!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wonderful Semester Break

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Well, I'm done with my 7th semester in my university life. One more to go, and I will be heading to the industry or the corporate world. Working life it is.

To be true, I can't take it anymore. Studying at the age of 23 , the 16th year in a row, non-stop is a lil' bit too much. Things have changed and so is the status quo of being a teenager.

What I really want in life? I begin to ponder about my future and it looks pretty bleak with the current economy meltdown situation.

Argh... forget about it. I just want to have fun and I really had fun these past few days.

First up, Suplex 2008 Annual Camping cum Gathering. This time around, we changed the venue from Pantai Kerachut to Sg. Sedim in Kulim. After 7 years in the long stretch of beach, the venturez finally agreed for a change and indeed everyone enjoyed it very well.

Whitewater rafting for the second time was terrifying but I enjoyed it. With a higher water volume, it means higher speed, and of cos higher level of difficulty! I even flew out of my boat at the Kiss Drop, making me almost a drowned man!... It was really an experience not to be forgotten, I would say, at least it is far worse than the Giant Drop at the Dreamworld Gold Coast.

Tubing was meant to massage our backside. We got most of our injuries from tubing, cos most of us controlled our tubes badly. I was lucky to be the only one surviving the Rodeo Drop without capsizing my tube, but the cheeky raft guide finally made me surrender by toppling me upside down at the creek. I was washed away by the heavy current!

As usual, we planned for an improved lunch and BBQ dinner and this time around, everything seem to be extraordinary improved. From basic lunch of chicken rice, this time we got ourselves seafood in Portuguese Grill style! Sting rays, roasted chickens, luxury fried rice, and calamari... WOW! The food is always too much to be savoured.

Lastly, we went to the Restaurant Kolam Ikan at Mahang. This restaurant is well known and even promoted by Jason a.k.a Ah Xian in the Food TV Series "Taste With Jason" at Astro AEC Channel 301. Fresh water fishes caught directly from the ponds behind the restaurant thus making the food superbly fresh and fresh and FRESH!

and now, I'm back in KL with a smile. At least, I enjoyed myself to the max before I return to my sorrowful life of studying...rubbing my backache now... Sigh...

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wonderful Holiday Frames

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The end of the year holiday season is here. A season of gifts should be always in your mind and please let me introduce you some great Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. They have a a very wide and wonderful collection of frames.

The popular online eyeglasses shop offers special rates and attractive promotion to all of you. My personal favourite is this Frame#: 2238 Stylish Plastic Full-Rim Frame. Stylish and young design. It suites my lifestyle and just perfect for my end year holiday season. See the picture below for this stylish plastic full-rim frame.

Besides, this shop also has this famous and cheap $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses promotion. Attractive and economical deal for people of all ages. Visit this site now!

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Cheap Food Coming Soon

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I just came back from a sumptuos meal from PJ area. A very cheap meal indeed with hell lot of a discount. Yes, it is a very rare occasion that you can actually find discount on food. What's more when it is not a fast food deal, it is just and ordinary stall and you can see so obvious that people start flocking to the restaurant when the promotion period begins.

Awesomely cheap food and the food taste equally nice. Hardly you can find such type of deal in KL. Desmond-t going to recommend to you all this nice food place and for the moment, please stay tuned to this blog.

Beginning to drool already? Hehe... That's what life is for, to live by great food is such a way to enjoy life. We live to eat, not eat to live. That's the way life should be, at least for Desmond-t. LOL That's all for now, till then, stay tuned.

Cheers and bon appetite!

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Wireless Router - Hassle Free NOW

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Having trouble in finding a suitable wireless router? Do not know which brand to buy and what type or router you actually need? Now you can ease yourself by reducing this hassle of decision making by shopping at and enjoy great discounts.

Even better, you can buy online just about any router that is actually available in the local market and better still, you can enjoy great promotions. Furthermore, you have tons of wireless router product information just within clicks away from your fingertips.

I used to have this lousy type of wireless router and after searching information from this site, I found even more great NetGear wireless router that can even improve my connectivity and internet connection speed. It is truly amazing and a shopping site not to be missed by online shoppers. Even better, they offer product comparison which allows user to select wisely and avoid from buying a wrong range of product.

It comes to even better use for newbies when you seriously need to know the requirements of a wireless router and also the fundamental knowledge of the wireless access points. With this new site that I am introducing to you, I hope all of you would benefit and get some great deals for yourself. Wireless routers are so useful that it really ease the wire management system and keep your home tidy and simple without wires. Besides, the connectivity is always reliable and stable. Get one wireless router today!

My recommendation includes this Belkin super performance wireless router which is recommendable for power users. The cutting edge technology is simply awesome.

Do take note that there are also several other product available such as the wireless adapter, network security software, firewall software, firewalls and wireless access points.

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What's Happening at My v2.0 Blog

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If you're looking for food, the whole month of October and November 2008 was just terrific for food hunting with Desmond-t. Here are the latest excerpt of food-blog:

Also, coming soon are the food hunting galore in KL featuring cheap RM5.00 western food, Chilli Pan Mee at Kin Kin Restaurant (Chow Kit), Chocolate Mill Crepe at Food Foundry SS17, and many more.

Yes, examinations period has just concluded. Desmond-t is a free man, again. While he is setting his mind free for at least a couple of weeks, more adventures are coming up. Perhaps more food hunting? Tanjung Tualang massive prawns maybe coming up again... My second visit there since it was so mesmerizing that the succulent taste of the prawn still lingers in my mind till today!

Not forgetting it's exercise time! Time to work out my feeble little body and at least have some shape on my body. It has bee really plain and boring two months. It is time to get going again! Gym, here I come!

Football and futsal are definitely not to be missed. Desmond-t is searching for more futsal kaki to play with in KL and PJ areas while EPL (or BPL you guys call it now) weekends are not to be missed! Gosh, I missed so many matches throughout this season! Go Manchester United all the way!

With Formula1 season just ended with a rather dissapointing finish to my hero Felipe Massa, let's hope Ferrari would have a good testing season right now and wrestle the title back to Ferrari drivers.

What else? Hell yeah, holidays definitely means more and more blogging time! It's time to revive all my blogs! Be it my v1.0, v2.0 blogs and my music portal, full of updates from today onwards!

Recently, I put up my ads back again from Advertlets, which meant I no longer have my Glitterati status in Nuffnang. How does that affect my earnings? Hmm, many said that Advertlets don't pay well or rather don't pay at all...How true is that? Shall I revert back to be a Glitterati member again? Heck, recently no ads from Nuffnang to me as well LOL.

Guess it does not make any difference to me ya?

Stay tune for more updates and keep on drooling!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bah Kut Teh @ Klang

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Latest excerpt from's blog:

Last weekend, ShiMikY da man was in town to settle his chores and replenish his Astro stocks. That's what he said but for me, that is just his lousy reason to stop by KL to whack some tantalizing food. The day after our Look Out Point outing, we're all set for a breakfast hunt at Klang.

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